NMB48 topics: 1st album “Teppen Tottande” won Oricon Weekly Chart by a big lead, NMB48 West japan Tour 2013 kicked off

  March 5, 2013

Jonishi Kei

Hiroshima!! We had awesome time!

Okita Ayaka

Hiroshima is the best!

Thank you so much!

Triumphal return!

Kadowaki Kanano

West Japan Tour in Hiroshima!


I love you Hiroshima!

Yoshida Akari

Hiroshima I loveyou!!!

Yamada Nana

Thank you for coming to our show in Hiroshima! Did you have fun?

It is too fun that my waist is about to come off now. LOL

Anyway, for the first time I tasted Hiroshima Yaki! It’s good! smile

Kondo Rina


Tanigawa Airi


Yagura Fuko


Kono Saki


Kusaka Konomi


Takano Yui

West Japan tour first day – Hiroshima –

Thank you っ\ ^^ /♪

I performed a unit song “Suika Baby” by  Not yet♥

Really many songs I sang for today! !

It was really fun! ! ! !

Yamamoto Sayaka

West Japan tour first day in Hiroshima finished!

I could play some nonsensical tricks. It was fun, and hope you had fun too(?’ ∀`?) ?♪

There was many Hiroshima locals in the venue, I could hear female audiences’ voices, which were relatively louder than usual, the age range of today’s male audiences seemed to be larger, so yeah, it was fun and I’m glad!

This is the first time we invaded Hiroshima! and we will absolutely come back here again! — ! !

Shimada Rena


Okita Ayaka

Thank you so much for many comments.

Since I joined NMB48, triumphal return live concert has been one of my goals.

I feel I was able to display the sentiment piled up for the past 2 and a half years in today’s stage.

I’m so glad that I could perform on the stage in Hiroshima and my fans, my fellow Hiroshima people could watch my performance.

I’m glad that I could come to Hiroshima with members!

It was a great time!

I will work hard cause I want to come back again!

Thank you so much!

Muro Kanako

NMB48 West Japan Tour in Hiroshima

Thank you so much for coming!

I’m so glad that I could join the first day’s stage.

It was real fun!