Akimoto Sayaka to graduate AKB48 and won’t join the election race this year

  April 7, 2013

Quick update (will add more details later)

AKB48 Official Election page

Earlier today, Akimoto Sayaka announced her graduation on her blog.


Today is the deadline for the election.

I was thinking about whether I should run for it or not until the last minute.
But as I was reflecting upon things, I found myself thiking about when is the best timing for me to graduate.

For the past 8 years, I learned and felt lots and lots of things in AKB48. It was the great period of my youth.
Akimoto Sensei, all the staffs, fans, members and my family… I couldn’t be where I’m today without help of these people.
I’m truly grateful to all of you.

But I’ve gradually become more interested in stepping up to the whole new world. With various experiences I’d had and leared in AKB48 in my soul, now I want to set out for a new jorney to become an actress.

After giving it a lot of thoughs, I decided to announce at this timing.
I, Akimoto Sayaka, won’t run for the election this time, and graduate AKB48.


source: Akimoto Sayaka blog


Itano Tomomi, Minegishi Minami and Takahashi Minami will run for the election.

takahashi minami

Takahashi Minami was the first person who submitted an election application on Sunday, April 7th, the final day of the acceptance period.

Earlier this month, at the commemorative event to celebrate her solo debut, when asked if she will run for the election, Takahashi said “I want to have a little more time to think about it. Coz I think, running, or not running, for the election, both are right choices.”
Thus, all those interested had been paying attention to her decision.

Mukaida Manatsu (SKE48) won’t join the election race.


Hi! * Manatsu

Good morning *

I know it’s sudden, but I won’t run for the election this year.

Instead, I would like you to come to meet me at HS event. I’m looking forward to talking with lots of people.

Because I’m not good at talking, often it is hard to convey what I’m thiking even to you, who’re always supporting me.
But even so, I love to talk about trivial things in our respective lives with you.

I love to have fun,
and I have a feeling that what I can truly enjoy, for now, is handshake event.

Though the tone of my voice or the way I talk may make you suspect if I’m really enjoying talking,
I am actually enjoying it so much ^^

Sometimes I receive words that make me unhappy, or things that are hard to reply,
But these are nothing compared to things that we can enjoy talking.
I truly feel grateful to you who always bring me such fun ^^

And…. I prefer when you tell me in person if you have words to say.



I’m looking forward to meeting you at HS event!

And let’s enjoy talking♪

I feel sorry for fans who told me that they’re hoping to fight together with me,
But I have no regrets in my decision.

So yeah! Let’s enjoy today’s HS event!


source: Mukaida Manatsu blog