Akimoto Yasushi’s words on AKB48 and HKT48’s solo concert stages

  April 28, 2013
  1. Akimoto Yasushi says “AKB48’s stage had the best integrity”
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AKB48 group concert series “AKB48 group extraordinary general meeting”, that is held over four days. On 28th, AKB48 and HKT48 appeared on the stage of Budokan for their respective solo concerts.


Tomomi Kasai’s (21) graduation ceremony was performed on the stage during AKB48’s solo concert.

For the final day of the concert series, April 28th, 48G will perform a two shows day and night.

82 “eldest sisters” of 48G demonstrated outstanding performance on the stage of their first solo concert in 5 and a half years.

“Decide who’s the No.1!!” as the tagline of the concert suggests, this concert series is a battle of 48G. Thus, all the members have prepared so intensely for the concert series.

The group’s general superintendent’s Minami Takahashi (21) encouraged members, saying “It’s not that we’re in competition, but it’s shameful and frustrating to show shabby performance!”

Exactly as she said, AKB48’s performance was intense from the beginning.

“Their stage has the best integrity”, said General Producer of AKB48 group, Akimoto Yasushi.

They sang 45 songs, which is the largest number among 4 groups, that appeared in Budokan concert series.

For AKB, this is their first “solo concert” since 2008 AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 100 (2008 January). Thus for many of it’s members, this is the first time to perform at this big venue with fewer members.

akb48 budokan concert

Since all the concert held after the Request Hour were performed with it’s sister groups, this is also a fresh experience for veterans like Takahashi.

Although they amazed 11,000 audiences with 3 hour long stage, , after the show, many members are talking about what they should reflect and learn from the show.

Because members have little experience to perform this long hours with this little number of members, Takahashi said their concentration decreased in the latter portion of the show.

“Members, including me, made a lot of mistakes.” And Takahashi demanded to set practice session in the next early morning.

“I think that we will have more leeway tomorrow (since sister groups also participate).

So I want you to put deep emotions to each one of musics you sing.

Sure we are going to sacrifice sleeping time, but we only have little time before the show. At important times like this, we need to work hard without sleeping.

Even so, it is a fact that they performed with all their might, gave all the energy they have, and sweated a lot, without ever slacking off.

Although Takahashi demanded members to reflect on their mistakes, she also expressed sense of fulfillment.

“But I think it’s great that everyone seemed to have fun.

The fact that we had this good feeling will influence us in a positive way”, said Takahashi.


source: Daily