HKT48′s solo concert at 48G Budokan Concert Series – Setlist and Photos

  April 27, 2013
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Togasaki: AKB48 KKS are rooting for HKT48 from the audience seats!!


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Idol group HKT48 performed their first Budokan concert and becomes the fastest female music act that holds solo Budokan Concert after CD debut.

This Budokan concert is the first big stage for HKT48 members.

Besides, they are surrounded on all 360 degrees by fans, becasue the stage is set at the center of the venue, 39 members ,of HKT48 whose average age is only 15.1 seemed tensed at first. But as the show goes on, the venue is filled with warm applause and cheers from fans to HKT48 members’ fresh performance.


In October of 2011, HKT48 was created as 4th sister of 48 group.

21 members of 1st generation were first introdued at the handshake event at Saitama Seibu dome.

They made CD debut with the single “Ski Ski Skip!” on 20th March this year, and only 38 days after the release, they were on the stage of Budokan.


Compared to SKE48 (71 members) or NMB48 (68 members), HKT only far less members (39 members). But all the 39 members were in top gear, making the show non-stop.

HKT48 only has 7 original songs, their debut song and the first orpginal song “Hatsukoi Butterfly”. Thus their setlist (total 29songs) was far more experimental than other groups. The highlight of the show was medley of 48G songs including Nogizaka46. 


According to staffs, they couldn’t quite move well, both in dancing and formation at the rehearsal, and were intensely scolded by the staffs.

“There were many things which we couldn’t accomplish in this first solo concert, and at times when we couldn’t dance coordinately well enough, I shed tears…” said the captain of the group, Anai Chihiro of the team H (17) , as she was filled with emotion and shedding tears. 


Despite choked to tears, she continued.

“I don’t think the fact we are standing on this stage means we have an ability deserves it.

We won’t be afraid of challenging new things so that lots and lots more people will want to see us at our show! We, 39 members of HKT48, will strive forward as one!”

Tajima Meru (13), who was selected as Center for the debut single despite she is a 2nd generation member, said in tears:

“There were times when we were practicing in tears. But our first concert is in such a big stage….  With all of us working together for one goal, we could make such a great show. 

I’ll never forget this feeling of gratitude and will keep working together with everyone to strive forward toward my dream.”


Sashihara Rino (20), the eldest member of HKT48, promised further leap with fans.

“This is not a goal, but a start. With all 39 members striving together, we’ll make a great group!!”

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