SKE48 Ogino Risa’s little sister, who is fighting disease, “One day I want to be SKE48” [5 topics]

  April 27, 2013
Ogino Risa   

It is glad to be regarded as the future dream of kids (´pωq`) 

This is “One day I want to be” drawn by my little sister…. (Who has been fighting against a disease and  was a reason for Ogino’s suspension and com back to SKE48)
This is a reminder for me that I should give it all my best ♪

“One day, I want to be SKE48”
  1. Uchiyama Mikoto   +145

    。゚  ( ゚´Д`)  ゚。
    o( U U

  2. Ogino Risa   +157

    She asks me “Don’t Risa-chan appear on TV?”

    And I think….I should give all I’ve got to this….!!
    A little ago, when she got a stying-out permission, she woke up early and was watching SKE48 World Domination Womenin which I made an appearance(^o^)v

  3. Matsui Rena   +160

    This is…… so touching and makes me so happy…>_<…

  4. Ogino Risa   +138


    She keeps saying this all the time….

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