SKE48 Yagami Kumi, “The GENIUS” – SKE48 Yagami, Hiramatsu, Kuwabara and Takada’s graduation performance

  April 19, 2013

1. Yagami Kumi’s voice acting of Shinonome Sonata in 0048 – MJ

2. SKE48 Yagami Kumi, HIramatsu Kanako, Takada Shiori and Kuwabara Mizuki’s graduation performance

Yesterday, we had three emotional events simultaneously. NO NAME’s last performance (on NHK’s MJ), Yagami Kumi, Takada Shiori , Kuwabara Mizuki and Hiramatsu Kanamo, team S members graduation performance, and NMB48’s request hour setlist 30.


Ishida Haruka: I think Kuumin (SKE48 Yagami Kumi) has an amazing instinct for Voice Acting. She started voice acting all of sudden, yet, demonstrated so bold and impressive acting. That is something only Kuumin can do. In my case, I still find it hard to adjust my voice to different physical setting.

The same goes true to musical drama. From acting point of view, speaking at a distance is different from speaking from nearby. Different voice acting styles are required for each. That’s is one of very difficult things in voice acting, and I’m still on way to learn it.

Yet, Yagami Kumi humbly said “Anyone can voice (Shinonome) Sonota (the role she portrayed in 0048) ”

Yagami Kumi’s voice is quite unique and raved only by AKB48 fans but widely appreciated among hardcore Anime fans. Her acting skill was decent – although she hasn’t gone through any kinds of professional acting program -, and her voice quality is phenomenal, extremely unique, extremely cute, extremely stirring the imagination. The moment you her her voice acting, literally you’re drawn into the world of Anime.

During yesterday’s episode of MJ, Yagami Kumi along with other members demonstrated their voice acting for 0048 in the talking portion of the program.

Although, looking at Hata Sawako, aspiring voice actress, who self admitted her acting was the worst among the Seiyu Senbatsu – partly because she was suffering lisp as recording for Anime started just after she had dental makeover, while Yagami Kumi showed off astoundingly amazing voice acting may give you a little heartbreaking moment, this footage is precious.

You can also see Harukyan and Amina talk with each other as Ichijo Yuka’s childfood friend Mamoru and Yuka respectively.



But quite honestly, the girl whose acting was so impressive and stuck in my mind is Iwata Karen. The overlapping of Karen in reallife and Nagisa, and her acting that literally animated the Anime character, was what made the Anime so special for me.

Kuumin’s voice is unique and probably one of the best around to represent the world view of Japanese Anime. The same goes to Anime, although she, understandably, showed more versatile skill. And Karen’s acting infuse the reality into the story, the story of young girls who are just trying to make it in AKB(00)48.