JKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo results, VIVA JKT48 update, new CM & more news

  May 17, 2014

Update of JKT48 TV Commercials

Over the past two months JKT48 members have been starring in many new CM for various products. Here’s couple of new CM we managed to find in Youtube


Kakao Talk

Indosat Hiperbola

Cindy Gulla to release solo single

Former JKT48 Cindy Gulla to release solo single

Another former JKT48 member will release a solo single. Cindy Gulla, who graduated from the group on January, released her 1st single teaser titled PLAY!

Unlike Stella Cornelia who collaborated with Reino Barrack (JKT48 Founder) in her 1st Single. Cindy collaborated with Muhammad Adhi Mursyid a.k.a OakTheory, Vit Alian, Rendy Yusuf, Rangga Pranendra who are famous as JKT48 Cover Singers in Soundcloud.

Cindy also keeps in touch with her fans in www.cindygulla.com where she shared her work