Jo Eriko re-debuts as an actress in afternoon drama titled Ao no Umi – Long summer.

  June 12, 2014
NMB48 Jo Eriko debuts in TV Drama Ao no Umi - Long Summer

After several months of Jo Eriko’s come back, she will make her re-debut as an actress on late June 2014. She  will take a young lead role in Ao no Umi – Long Summer, which will be broadcasted on Fuji Tv.  Odate Mai is the female protagonist of the drama. Her adult self will be played by Okina Megumi, and Jo will play the child version of Mai.

Being an afternoon drama serie, it’s probably best to not expect a high-quality story / screenplay from this one – but even though this won’t be a must watch drama, this is still an incredible opportunity for Jo. It will be watched by many Japanese housewives, which is a large audience for people to know Jo better as an actress. If you are looking for a short drama series to fill in your time or just wanting to support Jo Eriko, please consider taking a quick look at this upcoming drama that will start on June 30, 2014.

Ao no Umi - Long Summer

Ao no Umi - Long Summer

Title : Ao no Umi – Long Summer (碧の海) – official website
Genre: Romance
Airing channel: Fuji Tv
Airing period: June 30 – August 29
Air time: Mon-Fri 13:30 -14:00 JST
Theme Song: by S.E.N.S
Ao no Umi - Long Summer

Short Synopsis


The story started with a love of a young couple. Odata Mai is a daughter of a CEO of a construction company in Tokyo. When she was seventeenth, she discovered the her current mother was not her biological mother. By chance, she learned that her biological mother was from Okinawa.

Though Mai she felt very graceful to her current mother, she can’t help but be curious about her real mother. She decided to fly out to Okinawa in search for her real mother.

During her search, she met Aragaki Kota, the son of the pension house where she was staying at. To Mai, Kota is a good-for-nothing man and is someone who will do anything for money. This is the same for Kota, he only sees Mai is a daughter of a disgusting rich man.

However, Kota only earned money to support his ill little sister. This completely changes Mai’s opinion about Kota. At the same time, Mai’s kindness towards Kota’s little sister had touched him so much, and, little by little, they start to respect each other. But, their parents’ dark secrets and death of loved ones torn them apart.

Now, fifteen years later, fate has them encounter each other again. For Mai, the days she spends on Okinawa with Kota is something she treasures a lot. For Kota, he leaves it as a memory of the past and moves on. What will happen to these star-crossed lovers?