Quiz: How AKB48 Member reacted to Takahashi Minami’s (Fake) Dating Scandal?

  December 7, 2014

Once Akimoto Yasushi said Love-Ban Rule is just a fun stuff to spice things up. Back then, it came off a bit like a dodge – it was right after Masuda Yuka’s graduation – but with Takamina’s Graduation prank in the latest episode of Mechaike, he proved that it CAN indeed bring a lot of fun. So we made a quiz out of the episode.

On a different note – excuse us to take a slight detour, because this is a really exciting news, TPE48 might be on its way! – today, during HKT48’s concert AKB48 announced new recruit campaign in Taiwan. Although whether it’s a part of TPE48 plan – like nurturing Taiwanese talent in Japan and bring them back to Taiwan when TPE48 is launched, like many people already speculated – is unknown, this new recruiting to hire new members from Taiwan is largely welcomed in the both islands.

So, without further ado, scroll down to take our quiz. But beware, it contains spoilers!


Which is NOT Shimazaki Haruka’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

This is Absolutely Not a Problem.
Let’s Ignore This.
Explain ‘Em That It Was Her Younger Brother.
I am Not Surprised At All.

Which is Kawaei Rina’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

We’d All Better Live the Way We Like
Why People Are Making a Fuss About Our Private Life?
All I Want is World Peace.
Ignore This. Fans Won’t Care Anyway.

Which is Yokoyama Yui’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

Is This Really A Man?
They ain’t Kissing here. You Call This Scandal?
Shut Up People.
Why Can’t We Just Celebrate The Love and Life?

Which is Watanabe Mayuyu’s Reaction/Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

Took it Very Seriously and Asked for More Details
“Can We See The Article Before It’s Published?”
“I Love Bacon.”
“Someday – I’ll Learn The True Meaning of Love.”

Which is Ikoma Rina’s Reaction/Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

Left Dumbstruck
Be Like ”I Don’t Care. It’s AKB48’s Problem, Not Mine.”
”I’m a Child. Scandal? What is That?”
“I Don’t Know What To Say…”

Which is NOT Kizaki Yuria’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

It’s Not Like She Was Caught Using Drugs, So…
She’s Dating, Knowing What the Consequense of this Would Be.
No Leaders Are Perfect, But She Knows How To Take Responsibility For Her Action.

Which is NOT Kojima Mako’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

If This Man is Her True Love, I’m Happy About This
If This Man Relieves Her Shoulder Of The Burden, I’m Happy.
He Looks Like Gan-Chan (From 3-daime JSB)
I Don’t Feel Anything.

Which is NOT Owada Nana’s Reaction to Takamina’s Scandal?

Turned Out She is of Pure Heart
Cried Because She Didn’t Want AKB48 To Disband
Cried Because She Didn’t Want Takamina To Graduate
Blamed Media For Stalking Takamina

Which is NOT Sashihara Rino’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

If Her BF Was SMAP, Fans of Hers Would Applaude Her!
He Seems Very Handsome in This Pic!
I Betcha, This is Not the Only Photo They’ve Got.
Like Us, She is a Very Responsible Person, So I Sympathize with Her.

Which is NOT Minegishi Minami’s Comment on Takamina’s Scandal?

Frustrating Thing About Scandal is it Makes us Scared To Go Out in Public
We Didin’t Know Anything (About Takamina’s Relationship Despite Being Her Best Friends)
But Fans of Hers Are Very Nice People, Aren’t They?
Can You Send Me This Photo?

Which is NOT Kojima Haruna’s Comment/Reaction to Takamina’s Scandal?

Can You (Shinobu) Send Me This Photo?
Is This Really A Man?
Asked To Hush Hush But Caught Talking About The Scaldal By Moriyasu Madoka.
(When Shinobu First Told Her About The Scandal) I Want To See The Photo!

Which is NOT Miyawaki Sakura’s Reaction to Takamina’s Scandal?

Left Mouth Wide Open, Looking Very Shocked
Tried To Shut Her Mouth But it Kept Opening, So She Kept Trying To Close, But…
Her Mouth Kept Opening, She Kept Trying To Close, Ending Up Making Cheek Puff Face.
Wasn’t Concerned If Kiboteki Refrain’s Release Suspended or Sales Down Due to The Scandal

Which is NOT Miyazawa Sae’s Comment/Reaction to Takamina’s Scandal?

Left Her Mouth Wide Open, Looking Very Interested.
48 Group Wouldn’t be The Group That We Know Today Without Takamina.
Gave Her Candid Opinion on How Much Photo Evidence The Gossip Cameraman Might Have Got.
She Didn’t Know What To Talk To Takamina Next Time She Meets Her.

Which is NOT The Takeaway of This Mechaike Dokkiri/Prank Episode?

Miyazawa Sae is “Gossip Girl”
Takamina is Extremely Good At Acting and Shedding Fake Tears
Love-Ban Rule Can Indeed be a Fun Stuff in Good Hands.
Not Every AKB48 Member Was Worried About Takamina.

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