Takamina Reacted Sentiment Among Fans That She Will Be No.1 In TheUpcoming Election

  April 28, 2012

These days there’re tons of voices that Takamina is the most likely person who will be given the votes from Acchan-Oshi. These voices are nothing but personal opinion of few people but since one famous comedian joined this wave and suggested most of votes of Acchan-Oshi in the last election goes to Takamina. Though for most of AKB fans it’s no brainer when you Oshi-men left the group, you simply quit being fan or vote for your second most Oshi-men (Ni-Oshi). The reason why this comedian’s remark made a headline is because he is known for being an intensive fan of Japanese girls idol group (specifically for Momo-Clo and AKB), which is automatically labelled Otaku given his appearance(he deliberately made his looks more like Otaku as it’s do good for him as a comedian) while being K-pop fans automatically make a person labelled douche-bags (ESP in the online communities), and he even stated that there’s a seizable amount of chance for Takamina to be No.1.

At the press conference for the new TV program “Asu he no energy ~ Bath time of Athletes”, in which she serves as a narrator, she made a comment on the upcoming election and the comedian’s remark.

Takamina reacted to his comment, screamed “Uhmmm Yama-chaaaaaan!!!” (Yama-chan: comedian’s name). When asked to make a comment for Acchan-Oshi fans, she said “You ask me such a tough request!”. But as she was told his remark is based on his assumption that Acchan’s votes will slides for Takamina, she humbly said “Please vote for your favorite member, even though Acchan isn’t there, I want those who voted for Acchan last year just to vote for their favorite. No matter whoever they will vote for, I’m alright.”

When asked “Will you aim at Gold Medal? (No.1).” she stayed calm and said “I will get a medal when my name is called (at Budo-Kan). It’s none other than fans’s support that make what AKB48 is now, so though I too make my best to grab a higher rank but I also want to never forget my gratitude for fans as we’re heading for the election.

Source Nikkan

In this program is Takamina will present us her exciting cheer as she narrates for documentary like footage of  Olympic athletes.
Focus on private off time of those athletes, what they call Bathtime, this program presents us a glimpse of how they feel and think during their recovery, training, and relax time.

Takamina stated “This is so honorable to be given the opportunity to play a narrator for this once 4 years worldwide event. I feel the passion of Olympic athletes on my back, which drives me excited, and I’ll head for this role with as much passion as theirs.” “AKB48 is a team activity, so I am paying attention for team sports like volleyball or football.” “As I watched Bathtime of Olympic athletes, I came to realize they are doing the same things as us, like massage foot. In some sense, we idols are also athletes, I felt.”

Source TV dogatch

She also gave us a comment on her bathtime, said “Bathtime is very important time to revitalize myself from the state being exhausted from working whole day long. I often use bathing powder to make it more relaxing.” Then she revealed “I don’t like to soak in a bath for a long time, but in order to heal my body, I try to soak for at least 10 minutes, and I do exercise during my bathtime!”

When asked by an editor “You used to hate to take a bath together with members. How did it change?”, she  cracked up a casual laugh and answered “You know me very well!! (笑). When I sleep over at members’ room, They almost bring me into a bathroom to take a bath together. But I think bathtime is a personal time to heal my body and mind, so I haven’t changed my mind and continue taking a bath alone!  (笑) “

Source Sankei

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