Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

Did Takamina Die In MV of Junen Zakura?

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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Fuuchan tweeted a photo of herself with a boy, surprised the hell out of fans who forgot to read caption


Dear Overseas Fans Who Can’t Read Japanese, Nope, This Boy Is Not Yagura Fuko’s Boyfriend, He’s Her Little Brother, and She’s Sticking Her Chin Into His Shoulder As a Gesture

The Girls Are In Town! NMB48 Girls Get Superstar Welcome at Indonesian Airport


NMB48 10th Single “Rashikunai” CD covers & PV teasers made public


All 3 (A,B,C) types of Rashikunai (らしくない) Regular edition CD jacket covers were made public earlier this week. The actual release date is set on the 5th of November, 2014.

[ AKB48 4th Janken Tournament 2013 ] NMB48 Preliminary Result


We are very sorry because we cannot deliver this sooner thanks to many things, but here we are! On the 5th of July 2013, the results of NMB48’s Janken preliminary

NMB48 unveils title of the new song for their 1st album, “Teppen Tottande” and it’s Cover Arts


Cover Artworks (total 4 types) of NMB48’s 1st album “Teppen Tottande (We Gotta Get to No.1)” (go on sale on February 27) have been released. NMB48, the Osaka-based idol group, that regrettably

NMB48 Yagura Fuuko named new Center of Team M, 3 Kenyusei Promoted, Momoka cut her hair short


” 冬将軍のリグレット (Fuyushogun no Regret) cast (Namba Teppoutai sono2): N: Matsuda Shiori M: Yamamoto Hitomi, Yamagishi Natsumi, Yogi Keira, Yagura Fuuko (Center) ?: Kushiro Rina, Kato Yuuka, Yabushita Shu, ” Finally Fuuchan’s

Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry (and 3other topics on Tsun Lovetan made Wasamin sick, Teppoutai and Sawako)


Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry Ichikawa MioriHi I’m Miorin (・∀・) Discussion Topic: “Am I too serious?”Start~~☆ “Is Lemon having worries?“I feel like Lemon-chan’s writing has become quite stiff. “

Why was Yagura Fuuko not selected for Senbatsu despite her extraordinary beauty!!


“She is getting even cuter lately….. “Her response at 2shot photo event was extraordinary….. “I went to her 2shot photo booth on Saturday.She is really giving it everything.I mean… she

(Pictures) 2 Shot photo event of NMB’s single ”Nagiichi”


“The latest seat arrangement…..“You know what? You can’t expect what kind of danger people from Kansai will cause you when they are near around you. (*Tommy is native Kansai-jin) “This