Must Have App for AKB Fans ‘AKB 神 Matome’

  April 15, 2012
One of the hottest genre of Android application nowdays is Blogreader for idols/celebrities/musicians blogs or social networking feeds. While Momoiro Clover Z is becoming popular in this genre, no doubt our girls AKB48 is the unargurable king. There already are tons of AKB-related applications but of those one of the most sophisticated Android application is “AKB神Matome (AKB Kami summary)”.

“AKB Kami Matome” is a aggregated platform of possibly all the information you can get about AKB. It lets you read members blogs, twitters, Google+ and famous AKB news sites’ feeds (and facebook). In addition, you can check out member’s profile, you can select your Oshimen to filter the feeds, also feeds come with members photo icons next to the feed contents, making it deserve the name “Kami”.

Satisfied users comments say “Easy to browse” “Easy to catch up seful information” “Great to be able to register Oshimen” “Long been desired Trainee and Team 4 has finally implemented!! It’s so useful and saves my time a lot.”
It already exceeded 10,000 downloads, and seems never stop developing with delivering already 3 updates in this April.
Some of the great functions of this app include

  • Image Rotation
  • Able To Select Start Screen (Blog or News or G+ or Twitter)
  • Search (By Keyword or Date)
But among all features, what the developers put efforts the most is displaying “Members Comments on G+”.
As you know, AKB48 is now the most important engine for the growth of G+ in this world. G+ is called “GUGU Tasu” (since in Japanese Google+ is read Guguru Purasu (or Guguru Tasu)). What makes G+ special is we can check live-conversation between members in multiple languages (Chinese, English and Japanese (and Spanish?)) and the smooth integration with Youtube. This newly added fanction “Members Comments on G+” is exactly what let you easily follow the ongoing conversation within AKB48.
Recently AKB48 kick started “Club activities” from G+. Now there already are several clubs such as “AKB Theatre club” “AKB Cooking Club” “AKB Band Club”, but recently AkiP (Yasusu) announced the offer from drama director Amon Miyamoto to hold the audition to pick the actress for the starring role for Musical “The Wiz” on G+, which draw industry’s attention as an new approach to reach the mass.
Following Atsuko Maeda’s graduation announcement, AKB48 has been plagued with bad luck, health problem of Tomomi Itano, Mayuyu, and Jurina (now she is in team K). But AKB48 has an unlimited potential or we’ve yet seen their limit. Catching up all about AKB48 real-time with this “AKB神Matome” is essential not only for fans but also those who’re working for media and entertainment industries.
Source Exdroid