Watari Roka Hashiri Tai Will Be Re-Named to Watari Roka Oshiri (booty) Tai!?

  April 15, 2012

Spin-off unit from AKB48, Watari Roka Hashiritai7 (渡り廊下走り隊7) attended the premier of the film “Shin Chan Arashi wo Yobu! Ora to Utyu no Princess”  at Yurakucho Toho Cinemas, Tokyo.

Their song “少年よ 嘘をつけ!” is a ending song of Anime “Shin-chan”, as well as the main theme song of the Movie “Shin-chan”. The length and arrangement of the song is different for each, thus there are two versions.

All member of the group was there except Mayuyu who is now in medical leave. Cindy (Kazumi Urano) said “We may be going to change our name to ‘Watari Roka Oshiri(Booty) Tai’ and make our beautiful booty appealing points.” Her remark is with Shin-chan, the main-character in the Anime who often reveal his ass, in mind.

Aika Tada who is from the same prefecture as Shin-chan, Saitama, showed impersonation of Shin-chan, which she claims her signature skill., in front of Shin-chan himself. 

Shin-chan was so pleased that he tried to put his pants off to show off his ass but his mom immediately prevented him from actually doing it.
Source Yahoo J
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