Cutest Gif Image of Acchan (and several other stories)

  May 19, 2012
There’s a little fuss among AKB48 fans tonight. In Fuji’s TV show Sentoutyuu, survival game show, Tomomi Kasai from AKB48 was forced to retire just 4 minutes after teh show has started lol
Hit by handball, you’re over.

“I’ll try to accurately throw the ball.”
If she is the last survivor, she will win the prize money.
“Oh no, it’s Kiyohara-san” (Former pro baseball player with a stout body!)
 No mercy!!! lol
On two channel, there’s a ongoing thread dedicated to talking about her on this show.
As fans on the thread watched her lost out to the big man, one fan wrote…
“So what will we do with this thread lol”
Kiyohara talking to his younger brother, who is AKB Ota,
“Do you think Otaku will hate on me??”
LOL Kiyohara, Good job!!!
No body wanted to see him treat her as untouchable being as an idol in this show!!
By the way, he didn’t know Tomo~mi is a member of AKB48.
So as he was told that she is a AKB member after he beat her, he apologetically said,
“My younger brother is a fan of AKB, I feel sorry for him.”
Then he called his brother.
So it hadn’t made Tomo~mi fans upset since all of them used to watch scenes like this,
but what if it was Rena or Mayuyu…..
They won’t participate TV shows like this in the first place?

“Everyone~ I’m now on Fuji’s TV show Sentotyuu~★ 
Check it out~( ・v・) “

Chuu……。・゚゚ ‘゜(*/□\*) ‘゜゚゚・。 ……….. (ノω・、) lol

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A fan in Japan made this combined image of Kojiharu from TV show PON!!
Akicha is staring at magician trying to find out the trick behind his magic.
(This is my fake Chinese. Can Chinese people understand this?)
“Acchan’s image of the rhythm for Manatsu no SG!”
IMO, these may be the top-2 Gifs of Acchan….!
At first, I thought it was an angle, but then I found that it’s Takamina!!