Funny, Crazy and Poetic Translation By Google Translate

  May 27, 2012

We all know Google automatic Translation from Asian language to European language is useless. But when it’s applied to official profiles of AKB48 members, it reaches a whole new level.

So… yeah, let’s train your abs efficiently with these ones!!!

Wasamin -> People ‘s I…
Aika -> Manaka…

Haruka -> Positive Pressure!!
Koji-Haru -> Spring Orphan. (ToT)

Akicha’s name becomes Korean-like, while her nickname sounds Zen….! 秋の茶
Chan was!!

A~min -> Oh People!!

Sayaka- -> year-old added lol

Tomochin -> Satoshi wage

Jurina Matsui -> Rina Matsui pearl

Sae -> Even (her name is changed into random mixture of Chinese-Japanese… lol)

Harukyan -> Spring does Kya♡♡
While making tons of crazy translation with others, Google for some reason correctly read this one of the most difficult names to read!!

Yukirin -> Rin Yuki (somehow this sounds like Chinese nickname)

Kana -> or not (I love this nickname!)

Komorin -> Not build up lol

Vegetables!! Everyone there!

Yuka -> Floor lol

Hana sisters

Mayuyu -> Yu eyebrows (ё_ё)

Annin -> N implies

Minarun -> Not be seen

Renacchi -> It is immediately

Okay, these are mere a start of genius gags. Translation of 5 members’ profiles introduced from here already exceeded the limit of craziness and has gained a state of art…..

It’s like cast introduction of a musical, isn’t it?

As if this translation machine knew our image of her…..
I can’t help but thinking that this translation machine became sentient!!!
Why he only translates her last name!!
Her name is recognized as Chinese by the machine….


I laughed so hard for AKB48 for the first time in years….