Rena Matsui iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper

  May 27, 2012
“Because I can’t vote for her anymore…. I support her by sharing these iPhone wallpapers with you!

I love this peaceful sleeping face of Mousou Keiji
I love Gekikara’s facial expression!!
Of course Rena fans love every expression of her…..
But if you ask me to choose one…
I think Gikikara has two different charms, I love both her anarchy mood and handsome face.
If you are talking about Rena herself, she has Kawaii face, and noble Yamato Nadeshiko face….

I also can’t choose my best favorite Rena’s face…
I just love various facial expressions of her…
Bu if I can pick one…..
It’s gonna be at SSA in March, when Jurina’s transfer to team K was announced, she was looking at Jurina as J was making a speech….
I felt a kind of mixed emotion of sorrow and strength from her face..
She…. looked like a Buddhist saint….