Mayuyu Ranked in Top-5 For for Drama Academy Award for Best Actress

  May 3, 2012
It’s announced AKB’s Mayuyu(渡辺麻友 ) aka real-life angel was ranked in top-5 for 72th Drama Academy Award for Best Actress for her-starring Drama Saba-Dol!!!!!
Her name is listed along with famous actresses such as Yuko Takeuchi, Machiko Ono, Kyoko Koizumi and Chizuru Ikewaki etc. What’s amazing about this is her Drama was aired in midnight exclusively in Metropolitan area, in simple word, she and the Drama had a huge disadvantage compared to other prime time shows!
Here is the detail of the ranking!! (Source: Director’s tweet, monthly Television magazine )
Readers votes
1. Yuko Takeuchi
2. Machiko Ono
3. Nao Matsushita
4. Kyouko Koizumi
5. Hiromi Nagasaku
TV journalists votes
1. Kyouko Koizumi
2. Machiko Ono
3. Yuko Takeuchi
4. Mayuyu Watanabe
5. Chizuru Ikewaki
Critics votes
1. Machiko Ono
2. Yuko Takeuchi
3. Kyoko Koizumi
4. Ayame Goriki <- the girl who won Japan Movie Academy Award for Best New Actress with Acchan
5. Mayuyu Watanabe

Honestly I don’t know anything about this prize but I know all of these names of famous actresses. It’s just amazing!
But unfortunately Japanese Drama is not my realm (last time I watched J-Drama was Hirosue starring one in 90’s) so I put tons of captured images here, and if you want to watch videos just google さばドル!! You also can get DVD of this Drama (now accepting pre-order)!

*In this Drama, Mayuyu plays a role of 38 yeaers old school teacher who’s secretly active as an ‘underground’ idol, but she is cheating her age by 21 and states she is forever 17 y/o.