Things That Happne When Acchan and Takamiina are a Couple (and another topic on Acchan’s 2nd single)

  June 20, 2012

Things that happen when AtsuMina are a couple

Takamina shouts, “She is cheating!!” when she saw Acchan frolicking with Yuko.

Takamina tried to hold Acchan’s hand, immediately rejected…

After a while, Acchan getting irritated dumped Takamina..
Acchan “I think we’d better back to friends!!”
Takamina “Yeah…. Yeah!! I think so, too!!”

Takamina managed to keep smiling in front of Acchan, but after she returned home, she burst into tears.

Acchan asked Takamina to take a bath together but upset Takamina gave it everything to reject it.

They eat Tomato everyday.

Wikipedia: Takahashi MinamiFood I dislike are Sushi (basically raw fish), Broccoli, Tomato, pickled plam, anything with pickled flavor. According to her, Tomoto is a food she “dislike the most in my life!”

Acchan inserts Tomato into Takamina’s mouth even though she knows Takamina dislike Tomato.

Takamina cries when she saw a receipt after she had meal with Acchan at a restaurant.

Acchan leans her head on Takamina’s Migitaka (right shoulder).

Both confess discontent for their partners to Mariko.

Adult trio will enormously bothered with fuss and quarrel between this couple.

Mii tried to intermediate their quarrel, but gradually come to figured that quarreling is actually their own way of frolicking. Then AtsuMina tried to comfort Miichan who had became jealous of them,  

 Acchan will rapidly increase knowledge about Manga.

As a result of having meals with Acchan for a while,
Takamina has become obese.

Before we knew it, Takamina’s comics which she had been always holing in her hands changed into DVDs of foreign films.

Acchan purchased pet animanls on impulse.
Takamina of course takes all the care of pets.

Acchan complains at meals cooked by Takamina.
“Too little vegetables!!”

“Wake up!! Anyway, wake up!! Atsuko!!”, she was waken up by Takamina, then immidiately after she saw breakfast Takamina prepared, Acchan started complaining.

Acchan starts keeping pet cats,
Takamina who has cat allergy gets seriously angry.

But still Takamina can’t give up keeping cats as pets.

They can snuggled in Futon together, but can’t take a bath together.

Acchan wears Takamina’s banana parka (hoodie).

Looking at Takamina pleasantly talking about Kojima-san,

(∵) “I’ll never talk to you.(Angry)”

During Acchan was out for work, Takamina invited Nyan at home.
Right in the middle when they were making out, Acchan came back home as her work finished early.

Nyan accidentally found out that Acchan and Takamina is living together.
Nyan is staring at Takamina, “You told you want me to become your bride!!”…. This was the moment the love triangle, which later referred as “KojiMinaAtsu incident”, has begun….


Maeda Atsuko’s 2nd single “Kimiha Bokuda”  sold 65,000 copies for the first day

from Oricon
65K…. How should I react to this number??? How was that with the last single???

Flower  KimiBoku
Mon ***,*** ***,***
Tue 102,483 *65,635
Wed *28,571 ***,***
Thu *14,201 ***,***
Fri *10,104 ***,***
Sat **8,695 ***,***
Sun **7,311 ***,***
Total 171,365 ***,***
Week 176,967 ***,***

Uhmmm Acchan will be Okay after losing tons of Ota???
(Acchan again firmly said that her main goal is to become an actress, not a singer, in the latest interview.)

So while many fans like AKB’s Acchan, a fairly big portion of them actually not so much interested in Acchan as an actress???

Hi, I’m Atsu Ota,
I want to hear subjective opinions. Should we consider this as a very tough number?
It’s actually difficult to understand how this sales number means.

Like her photobook “Bukiyou (:Clumsy)”, when it comes to Acchan, it often becomes lontime-seller, so it’s difficult to make a conclusion right now.

I think this song is really nice….
I actually thought this is the best of all her solo numbers.

There’s almost no relation between quality of a song and it’s sales….

It’s true to Flying Get and Shonichi, but people who buy after the release date won’t buy if they find they don’t like the song.

It surpassed the sales of the latest single by Not Yet. I actually think Acchan’s single is selling well enough.
The thing is how much total sales will be made!

First week sales of the latest singles of other music acts

58,113 Suika Baby by Not Yet
38,033 Shonen yo Uso o Tsuke by Warota