AKB48 New Song ギンガムチェック Got unfavorable reactions

  July 14, 2012

It’s coming━━━━━━( ゚д゚ )━━━━━━ !!


It looks like Nogizaka lol

gingham check!?!?

So they don’t use Mic stands!?!?

The color of the costume, the length of their skirts……

Their costumes….. in any aspects they look  like Nogizaka……

And Yasusu said he is confident with teh new single when one of it’s songs is like this!!!???

LOL Yuko’s aggressive kick is unnecessary in the song with this taste!!


Uhmmmm I can’t say this is an excellent song….
Iiwake Maybe, Heavy Rotaion, Flying Get….. all songs by election Senbatsu have been great songs until now…..orz

Ishihara P: “And people call any songs you release, Crap. What will you do?”
Yasusu: “I can assure you that listeners will enjoy the next song that will be released in August.”

This weak chorus line that is something like songs by UnderGirls…..

I hope that the title track will be a more gorgeous song.

I think this song is much better. Why they didn’t perform this song instead?? (Show fight! by Future Girls (49-64th))

↑Yup, I think this is a great song.

Regardless of whether or not there’s Acchan, I think Joryoku Shypathy is a better song.
Why they gave this song for Pachinko…..

It’s watered-down version of Oide Shampoo or Guruguru Curtain…..
This is not good……..
You can’t fool fans…..

I already can’t remember what this song was like…….