AKB48 PR manager Shinoda Mariko leaked the costume for Janken single? and 7 more!

  September 28, 2012

This is beyond my expectation…..

Why don't we cooperate each other and buy 5D MarkIII and F2.8 24-70mm & F2.8 70-200mm lenses for her? Churl will be exhilarated (´・ω・`)

Churi, you've come to the point where you should make a direct appeal to Yasusu, asking to release a photobook of birds photographed by you…!


Kashiwagi Yuki 9/28 19:12

Look~~!! Don't you think this is cool????”

Tomochin-san told me so I stared at it….



Whoa! That was a picture of a caterpillar\(^o^)/

An indiscriminate Caterpillar attack LOL

I remember she said she's been collecting insect pictures during the MC of theater performance. (at Sep 12th's RESET stage)

Chinsan still collecting insect pictures? LOL

※Itano△ (Itano-san is freaking cool)  actually doesn't like insects (that's what she (jokingly) said)

Is that one of the photos that she's collected to send Takamina as a prank (coz Takamina forgot Tomochin's birthday)

She looks cool outwardly, but she is actually funny and so cute. That's Itano△

Then again Tomochin added another “Itano-san is freakin cool” episode to the list…


Shinoda Mariko 9/28

Paruru after spending a whole day working hard ( *`ω´) Kawayusu

Damn cute…

In what kind of situation she took this photo???

This is something only Mariko-sama can do.

It's so lucky for Paruru that Mariko-sama won Janken^^

Guys, don't you think we must contact Louvre Museum?

This is a treasure of human beings!!

Mariko-sama thank you so much.

Paruchan, you're seriously an angel.


Must read story: NMB48 Joe Eriko Graduation Performance, team N members made surprise appearances


Bizenjima-family's 4 sisters

Painful Goodbyes

Joe Eriko: “I'm so sorry that I couldn't become like you…”

Watanabe Miyuki: “Why did you even care that.”

Main theme song: “Bokuha Matteiru” (I will be waiting for you)

Ohhh this is so awesome…..

I… I'm sure that I will be full of tears just by watching a trailer of this movie…

I just brought these from Momoka fan thread^^

Fabulous work!!

I've heard that there's a creator who're making Magazine cover that features Sae,

But didn't know there's such an awesome artists in Momoka fans!!

Because this creator is too awesome, when he first made non-no's parody where Momoka made it's cover, some people actually believed that Momoka was chosen for Non-no's cover…!

Whatta…!! This is terrific!!


Ogasawara Mayu 22:32

Sayaka: “When About how much I stretch my tongue like this, it naturally dribbles?”

Shiori: “……”

That's the situation I encountered…



Shinoda Mariko 9/28

We're having dinner now ψ(`∇´)ψ Maharaja♪



Again LOL

Why is she enjoying that much freedom LOL

As expected of Mariko, the PR manager of AKB48.


*Fun story. Actually they're very close to each other

Shinoda Mariko 9/28

We are playing othello now( *`ω´)  hehe


Shinoda Mariko 9/28

We finished the filming for the day one( *`ω´) Because today's filming was for acting scenes, we played UNO while we were waiting for our part LOL And the card game called Pinch Nose (^^) I learned how to play itー!Aamin was Hanamin coz she was too poor at the game( *`ω´)




  1. reddertar says:

    That last pic is Janken senbatsu and now-famous Kitagawa Kenji-san, isn’t it?

  2. hans san says:

    what that?? the censored part at last pic?? o.O

    • KudoShinichikun says:

      LOL That does look creepy… But i guess its sort of some surprise about 29th Single that the management doesn’t want to reveal as yet…
      Because all those members playing cardgames there, are Janken senbatsu (and Paruru went to sleep already LOL)
      I’m not sure about that, but they sometimes pixelate the faces of AKB staff in VTR’s too right…

  3. asudja says:

    please do comeback later!! I’ll be waiting for you!!