Sashihara Rino 2nd single contains Hirosue Ryoko's ever green number MK5 and one more

  September 29, 2012

Ariyoshi Kyowakoku… they've been removed from the list of programs that will end in 2012

That's what I've been saying.
The same thing happened last time, too.

LOL This “End” mark comes up and disappears again and again…

But you know, they will probably end becasue there're no Ariyoshi Kyowakoku in Octover's TV program list on TV Guide magazine.
Just normally think, it's quite unlikely that the same MC (Ariyoshi) will have 2 regular show on the same TV channel in midnight…
They will either be on BS or end, I guess.

This is the first time I saw TBS's Ariyoshi Kyowakoku's homepage.
And it's so awful LOL
Typo, misinformation that they put members who didn't apppear on the show… That pretty much explains how Ariyoshi Kyowakoku is treated by TBS LOL

Probably they will resume from January or April in 2013…. Like Nemousu/Kami TV did….

For the time being, they will be away from TV but soon make a comeback just like Masuda Randy Bass said in the final episode “Everyone, let's meet again.”


Type-A Single cover artwork

Type-B Single cover artwork

Type-C Single cover artwork

Theater ver. Single cover artwork



  1. archite says:

    The type-a and type-b cover should be switched… and this is too depressing, not even her PV have her as the center even though it’s her solo… ):

  2. Un says:

    I prefer the theatre version
    And I do not like those anrire sake at all
    Sasshi should be the centre and putting a no name face as center in pv is so stupid
    I turn away from looking at this awkward and disrespect pv and perf
    Ricchan is cute but please not this it so sympathetic
    The only ok thing for me on this single is the song
    I think I might only listen to it cause else is might worthless
    Sorry for being rude but sasshi worth more than this

  3. Mario Medves says:

    Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku come back plz and more budget. Last episode was weird but it’s was fun see Yuka lol.