SKE member Inuzuka Asana gets suspended from all her activities as a member of SKE

  September 1, 2012


Which mean they’ve suspended to make a judgement and let her stay at home until everything will be settled?

This is the first member who got suspended in SKE~~~

I remember like a few days ago, she stated she will play a leading role for SKE’s KKSs…..

Show me the power of management, that is always strict to unpopular members!!

I think they chose this judgement because they figured it will take time to deal with re-scheduling and manage all the mess that will accompany this incident.
Probably once they have a prospect on to deal with things, they will announce her “withdrawal”.

Because she was the most popular member of 5gen of SKE, this will be a good lesson to them….. They will take it more seriously as probably she will probably get fired.

I think fact checking won’t take that much time…???

This is the normal response to scandals for ordinary companies. They just take an action this way as “a business as usual”