Comedian Kato Koji GIANT SWING on 5 AKB members! and one more

  September 28, 2012


TBS’s TV program which will end in 2012

I fond some good TV shows in this list…..
Looks like it’s more like TBS will end rather than Ariyoshi Kyowakoku will end.

I have no words for this….
The final episode was the one filmed one month before the airing…. and there’s no story wahtsoever to mark the end of the show!?

I want to watch “vs SKE” again…..
I want to watch Kinchan again…

They even finish EXILE Damashii!?!? I’m surprised…

So this is real, right?
Anyway, I think the way they ended totally matches the character of the show….

It’s so LOL that the last episode was NG…..

They ended without announcing it’s the final in the program? That’s cool.

↑ Plus, we received the word from Ariyoshi, that the final episode was “The worst episode ever in the history of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku”

It’s so sad as I’ve become a fan of Takahashi Juri through this program….
It’s gonna be tough for 13 and 14gen members as there’re no programs that regulary give spotlights to Kenkyusei…..