NMB48 2shot Photo Shoot event for 5th Single Virginity in Osaka

  September 22, 2012

I went to Yagura Fuuchan’s booth.

When a staff said,

“Please be a bit apart from each other ”

She kept a little distance from me,

but when he said,

“Okay, I will take a photo~”

She just naturally came closer to me.

She is like how she usually is.

LOL Akarin (Yoshida Akari) is so close to fans~

What wrong with Kishino’s shoulder width!?!?

It looks like Kishino has become a little plump?

Joe tanned her skin too much…^^

Uhmm probably we don’t need to be concerned about her too much any more…?

Joe won’t be in NMB48 by this time next week….

She will already be back to being a normal girl…

So she won’t join the 2 shot photo event next week!?

According to Shiokichi (Matsuda Shiokichi), members haven’t yet received songs for team N’s new setlist….!

Some malfunction in Milky’s skirt…

Matsuda Shiori 2:47pm 9/22

2shot photo shoot event♥

It’s so fun, isn’t it(*^^)v


↑Kishino! Don’t stare at me!!

It’s just because the chair Fuuchan was sitting on was really tilted!

Kondo Rina 14:54 9/21

Keicchi, Miru, I love you♥



Wow! Not only Keicchi, but she said she loves Miru, as well! That’s what I expected from DD Riisan!

I was walking behind the 2 shot photo booth.

Then a middle aged man popped out from the booth,

and Shimarena was speaking to him, “”Come to meet me again~!”

Somehow, I wondered if this was a hostess club…


According to several twitter sources, Sayenee was not a replacement for Jurina in UZA’s dance breakdown part.

Looks like it was a position dedicated to Sayanee.

↑Jurina was dancing almost perfectly fine, anyway.

By the way, why there’re so many cute female fans at NMB’s event!!

What’s the point if the fans who are holding 2 shot photo shoot tickets are cuter than NMB girls !!!

↑That can’t be helped.

↑x2 I totally agree with you. How many times has it been where I thought about how much I wanted to tak a 2shot with this female fan…

I think probably those girls come to see NMB girls in person to confirm if they can stack up to them.

And later, they will join the audition for the 48 group.

Muro Kanako looks like she would come closer even if you stay away from her…

Shimada Rena never fails to amaze me…

Ainyan said she doesn’t read fans comments on her blog.

↑ That’s a bold remark. But I would rather respect her because she genuinely talks with fans.

After all, I think most of them don’t read comments from fans.

↑I like how Ainyan is being honest to fans.

↑But does she not even read comments on Google Plus or reply to her Mobame????

Ohhh come on! Karaage!! She is wearing the new costume!!

Does this mean it’s confirmed the she will be promoted to the new team Bll?!!?

*Karaage = Nakagawa Hiromi (The girl in front of Milky in the photo below)

Kadowaki Kanako 8:56pm

Thank you so much for the 2shot photo shoot event!!

In the photo, Riho-chan is taking a photo of her Oshimen, Riichan and Rinacchi (Kondo Rina and Kusiro Rina).

And Nana-chan is taking a photo of them.

And I’m taking of photo of them all!


↑ LOL This is a interesting composition!

Don’t look back….. never….

This is so funny, too.

It’s just a catalog of poses, but somehow, the photo has a sense of speed and dynamism!

Takano Yui 9:09pm 9/21


I will explain about these poses on my blog LOL


And what the heck is this!!!


Yamaguchi Yuuki 9:13pm 9/22

We finished with the photo shoot event(^_^)/

Thank you so much!(>_<)


I think she is doing it deliberately ….

I mean…. yeah I’m a cherry boy but I can somehow tell it…

This is Team Yamamoto…

As always, they gathered among themselves….

As always, there’re a lot of things I want to point out in this photo.

I thought the girl in the bottom right was doing the Piledriver to someone…

The cleavage of the girl next to Sayanee.

???? The girl in the bottom left!!!

LOL’d at how cute Ogasawara is in this photo!

Yuppi-san and this group are starting living in a different world…

(Yuppi is also in their group!!!)

Ogasawara Mayu 9:01pm

Kanchiru!! Happy birthday to you☆


I visited Ripopo’s lane!

I did today’s my 1-Oshi pose, “Zombie pose” !! Yes!


And they have been infected by the Zombie pose.

Ogawasara Mayu 23:03 9/22

Today I stay at the same hotel room with Milky…


What shall I do???

┐(‘∂`)┌ lick lick

This photo is…


Ogasawara Mayu 9/22 23:08

I’m seeking for more reality in Zombie pose.
Shinohara Kanna 9/22 23:16

Poppo-chan….. LOL

Kishino Rika 00:52 9/23

I’m sorry for being late~(。>﹏<。)


Kaneko Tsuyoshi 10:21pm

Thank you so much for coming to 2shot photo shoot event for NMB48 5th single “Virginity” at Intex Osaka!


・Shinohara Kanna who turned 15 today. Happy birthday!

・Joe, at her last 2 shot photo shoot event.


LOL Joe’s legs!! She was wearing short pants!!

Tons of godly videos have been uploaded !!!

Watanabe Miyuki 21:20 9/22

My first Air 2shot photo shoot event♥


Awwwww (^ω^) Lick Lick

I wonder if she will some day upload a video of Air Hizamakura…. (*to let someone lie in one’s lap)

Ogasawara 23:17 9/22

Milky is kindly doing me Futomomomakura (*to let someone lie on one’s thighs)

Watanabe Miyuki 9/22 23:18




I thought this is Hizamakura, but accodring to Ogasawara it’s Futomomomakura LOL

Yamamoto Sayaka 9:17pm 9/22

We finished with today’s 2shoto photo shoot event☆

I think I may have asked you to do poses that even I don’t quite understand LOL

I will share them with you later!


By the way, this is the “We’re friends from today onward” pose.

It’s supposed to be that the fingertip of my index finger is pointing to your index finger’s fingertip!


Yamamoto Sayaka 9:37pm 9/22


Because today is a birthday of Knna,

We held a petite birthday party for her during the break(๑ت๑)♥

Happy Birthday☆★☆★