Akimoto Sayaka and Oshima Yuko on team K and 2 more about Sakuratan and UZA → UNA

  October 9, 2012

※Message cards for today’s Theater Performance by team K

2 and a half years….. I’m sure she will cry when the final performance of RESET was over.

OkaYu~~~~ I’m in love with the relationship between the two!

I’m so moved by the relationship of mutual trust between Okaro and Yuko.

Though Sae-chan will leave the team, Sayaka will definitely support Yuko, so team K will definitely work fine.

Everyone work hard, looking at Yuko’s back….!

Thank you so much to let me know this.

As a sign of thank you, I enlarged Yuko’s smile 300%.

Ahhhhh what a nice smile!!!

One week before Yuko’s birthday. (Oct 17th)

I think this place (Yuko’s fan) thread gonna be like a festival…(-∀-`)w


Miyawaki Sakura

Good evening♪

This is Miyawaki Sakura!

Today, for the first time in a long time, we had 1gen members and Sassy, the full members for our show\(^^)/

Chiichan (Anai Chihiro), Congratulation on your comeback♥

After all, I really love team H!!

Now that we have 2gen members, and I’ve become a senior to them out of blue.

Today, Sassy gave and advise to 1gen members who’d been somewhat perplex by the situation!

Sassy also had a similar experience as there have been an increasing number of junior members that have joined AKB48 after her.

Sassy, who helps us when we are in troubles, is essential for HKT48♪




What a nice girl….


Rino-chan has completely become a big sister of the little girls.


Thank you so much!!!

Looks like Rino-chan has been doing her job very well (*´Д`)

Sakuratan on Natsu’s Gugutasu

Matsuoka Natsumi  22:11


Don’t you think we look having fun?

And Minazo’s face has no expression in the photo lol !!

I love members!!

Sakura-tan is too cute…. I kinda want to make her my Oshi….

Of course it means she will be my 2 Oshi!! Hahaha!

Because she is so cute… I want to give her some allowance….

(;´Д`)っ[40,000 USD]



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