The Last Farewell to AKB48 12th generation Kenkyusei Saeed-Yokota Elena

  October 7, 2012
Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 12:46

With my dear friend, Karen♥

I could talk about anything with Karen, and I love her so much♬*

I hope our relationship will last for long, long time!


Karen is trying to emulate a Heavy Metal guy in this photo(‘ロ’?

Because this was after I cried so hard yesterday, my face was swollen….



Oshima Ryoka 10/7 12:54

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 14:50


Aigasa Moe 10/7 14:01


I love you(^^)(^^)(^^)

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 14:51

Moe-chan, Me, too (๑°ロ°๑)♥

Natori Wakana 10/7 14:32


Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 14:52


Iwata Karen 10/7 15:07

BFF for life!!! Let’s make more good memories together!! ← Sounds like I’m your boyfriend lol

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 15:41

Karen, we’ll be BFF for life.

Boyfriend lol

Hirata Rina 10/7 15:25

It’s a photo taken by Hilary!!

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 15:41

Hilary, that’s right♥

Thank you~~~°ω°*

Omori Miyu 10/7 16:00


I love you I love youーーー(つд⊂)♥

Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 16:48

Miyupon, I love you, too(๑°ロ°๑)♥♥


Saeed Yokota Elena 10/7 22:52

I graduated from AKB48 today.

I have had precious experiences for these one and a half year.

Fun things , frustrating things, sad things, tough things, there’d been so many things, but everything will be my lifelong asset。

And I could meet my lifelong Friends, too.

I love you, everyone♥

The message card from 12 gen is my treasure *゜

Thank you so much everyone for supporting me until now.



12th generation Kenkyusei 15 years old

Saeed Yokota Elena

Okada Ayaka

Elena-san I love you♥
Okada Ayaka

Elena-san, I wish you the best!!!

Omori Miyu

Elechan, you’re my BFF(´;ω;`)/
I love you♥♥

Shinozaki Ayana

Elena-san, let’s meet again( ˘ ³˘)♥ I love you!

Hirata Rina

Elechan♥I love you♪

We went through fun times, but also many tough times, but because 12gen members are together, I think we’ve overcame them♪

I will move forward, so Elechan, and I hope you will, too♥

Let’s meet up sometimes and play together♪


Fujita Nana

Elechan! Let’s definitely go to the amusement park together\(^o^)/

I love you!!!!!!!!

Murayama Yuiri


I will always support you!!!

I’m so sorry that I always cause you troubles!!

Thank you so much!

Tano Yuka


You know what? I love you!!!

Nah, I will mail you_(:3 」∠)_♥Thank you (^ ^) Ostukaresama(´ω`)

Aigasa Moe


Please always be our Nakama!!

And please meet me and go out to play next time!!!

Elena-san, I really like you\(^o^)/

Wish you the best(^^)
I will also try my best (^^)

Hashimoto Hikari

Elena-san Otsukaresamadesu★

Though I haven’t talked with Elena-san that much,

You’ve been so kind to me, and I feel so grateful to you!

Please keep moving forward to your goal. I’ll be rooting for you(>_<)

I love yo…


I love youー!

Mogi Shinobu

Elena-san, I love you!

Thank you so much( ´´ิ∀´ิ` )♥

Muto Tomu

Go for it!!

And come over my house sometimes~(^^)/

Maeda Mitsuki



Thank you so much for always talking to me.

I love you, Elena-san.

I will be rooting for you for the rest of my life(´ฅωฅ`)!

Oshima Ryoka



Elena-san always care about junior members….

Always makes us laugh and smile,

I love you so much!!


I wish you the best luck!!

Please meet up with me sometimes ♥

Omori Miyu

Let’s meet and play together sometimes ♥

Thank you so much☆

Takashima Yurina

Thank you so much!


Kitazawa Saki



I was eager to join Elena-san’s graduation performance (o´ω`o)

Elena-san’s seat was close to me at the backroom at Kenkyusei performance(○´3`○)

Because I’m a shy kind of girl,

I only nodded to you when you talked to me,

But thanks to Elena-san’s wonderful smile,

My nervousness disappeared instantly (´∀`)

Thank you so much for giving me a lot of smiles and making me laugh countless of times (●´艸`)

The path that Elena-san has chosen by yourself.

I’ll root for you (。・`Д・´)

We will meet again somewhere sometime, won’t we?

I hope we can meet our grown up selves (。>ω<。)

Thank you so much until now♪

And I hope we’ll stay connected from now on, too

Takashima Yurina


I love you!!


Team いえあ!!

Sasaki Yukari

Good evening ☆

I will join the theater performance of “Theater no Megami” tomorrow(^-^)

I hope I can show you a cool performance(^-^)




Hirata Rina 10/7 23:49


Congratulation on your graduation!!

I’ll always be loving you!!!

↓ I took these photos during yesterday’s theater performance!

Oshima Ryoka 10/8 0:34

Hilary-san ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


This is too awesome!

I’m very impressed!

Iwata Karen 10/8 0:48