Which song has the best chance to stop Heavy Rotation Three Peat

  October 17, 2012

If they allow me to vote for Bacchikoi K, I will 100% vote for the song.

Last year, Hebirote gathered 17,694 votes, and considering the fact Yuko Ota are split between Hebirote and Gingham, and the sales of UZA won’t surpass Flying Get, I think any song can win the 1st spot with 10,000 votes.
Which means it’s possible even for team B Oshi, or Natacha to win the event.

It’s so boring to see famous songs from singles win the 1st spot.
I want songs from theater performance that are little known to the general public but loved by many fans to win the event like 2009’s AX.

Penguin, First Rabbit or Juryoku Sympathy. Because of Paruru.

Among all songs that were not included in the last year’s AX, I think Penguin got the biggest momentum.
But because team 4 Ota are not rich guys, the song will win the 10th spot at the best .
And because, unlike SKE’s Request Hour, AKB doesn’t put voting tickets in theater version, the miracle Hazumisaki made is unlikely to happen.

The least requirement is 1. A song that feature a member who has a lot of fans, 2. A member whose fan are not polarized.

Whatever, Yuko mentioned the Hebirote’s three peat at a handshake event, and it’s spread through SNS, already.
Yuko Ota have been working for the one goal.

Juryoku Shympathy has good songs, but becasue they are not performed on TV shows, and few people have bought the CDs, few people have ever listened to the setlist actually, I think.
Are songs from Juryoku Shympathy setlist included in this year’s vote, by the way?

↑Not sure. But considering the fact Koi no Onawa and Tsupparu Riyu havn’t been included in Request Hour, the chances are very slim.

But….. though I think it’s very difficult, it’s not impossible to beat Heavy Rotation. Yuko Oshi will be split between, Hebirote Gingham Nakinagara Scandalous

They want Hebirote to achieve Three Peat, but at the same time make Nakinagara the no.1 unit song. And KojiYu Oshi want to vote for Scandalous ← This matters becasue KojiYu won the poll of “Most Favorite Pair of AKB48” held in ANN.

The thing is “Gingham Check” MV Takahashi Eiki ver. will be contained in UZA. Which can be a factor to increase the ranking of Gingham, considering the reputation of the director.

Gingham Check to win the 1st spot? Man, that can’t happen.
If so, I would rather want Heavy Rotation to win the Three Peat. Because I just like the song.

But if you ask me, I will vote for Yume no Kawa, definitely.
Yume no Kawa is the godly song for me.

↑It’s awkward if the song will ever win when Acchan doesn’t join the event….

Who will perform as Center for Iiwake?


↑x2 It will be heartbreaking to see performances of any of songs with Acchan as Center…

I want Acchan to come to the event…
I’m not sure we can vote for the songs, but if Yume no Kawa or Sakura no Hanabiratachi (solo version) will ever win the spot, everyone will expect Acchan to show herself up….
But because Acchan is a girl who has a strong will, she may be going to decline, I guess.

↑I think it’s waste of time to have a hope that Maeda make an appearance. Voting for songs with Maeda as Center just benefits Jurina or Shimazaki.”If Mayu Ota and Sashi Ota shake hands each other and vote for Avocado, it can easily beat Heavy Rotation.But probably Sashi Ota again vote for Itoshiki Natacha this year. Then what about Mayuyu Ota?”↑Zan’nen Shojo?

↑x2 Or Manatsu no Sounds Good?

Frankly, even Yuko Ota didn’t expect Heavy Rotation wins the 1st spot the last year.
Many Ota predicted Flying Get or Everyday Katyucha will beat it.

Takeushi SenpaiIt might be performed by team 4….

No brainer. Hashire Penguin has the biggest chance.

If all fans of team 4, the team that has no original songs, will vote for Penguin, it can beat Heavy Rotation.
Or I should say, Penguin is the only song that have a chance to beat Hebirote this year.

↑I was moved so much when Shonich won the Request Hour, as well as Hazumisaki at this year’s SKE Request Hour. I just wonder if Hashire Penguin winning Request Hour 2013 will make me impressed as much as Shonichi did….

I wonder if Penguin win the Music Video Request.
Looks like team 4 Ota concentrated their votes for the song.
But if the song couldn’t make it, I think First Rabbit and Team B Oshi which’ve been rumored that they won the poll may have a bigger possibility.

I think we should send our message, criticizing Akimoto being slow to make new setlists and repeating same events year after year.
Which means our only choice is “Kitagawa Kenji”.

※”Kitagawa Kenji” PV unveiled!!