AKB48 2013 32nd single Preliminary Election Results Released! Sashihara Rino claims the top spot!!!

  May 22, 2013
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Sashihara Rino 4/22 20:21




Is this a dream??

Even if this is just a preliminary result, I’m happy beyond words!

I can’t say anything besides thanks!!! HKT members are awesome

Thank you very much!!!!


Matsui Rena (@renampme) 4/22 20:11

Just a few moments ago I heard the news about the Preliminary Result.

6th position.

For me, to be in a position above 7th is my first time.
It’s only just starting, so let’s make it fascinating!
All of you, thanks for always supporting me! Let’s have fun together in this election!

May 22, 2013