I actually wished it was Ohya Masana who was transferred to HKT48

  June 19, 2012

I guess that’s how Masana herself is thinking (^v^)

Can I say one word for you? You are Genius.

What does this mean?

So… she often engages in intimacy with children….

So she is that girl who are famous for this phrase “This lolicon girl~~~~!!!!” ?

Kids, Ramen etc. Hakata has a lot of her favorites (^v^)

I thought this was Anti-thread, but then I found that I can’t deny what you are talking about……

I was like “Stop dissing Masana!!!!” as I opened this thread, but…. yeah I totally agree with you.

If it’s Masana, she would change her legal domicile to Hakata…

If HKT members are influenced by Masan’s appetite, all members would be team D….

Team Dosukoi:
Yokozuna: Myao, Amina
Ozeki: Tomo~mi, Yuihan
Sekiwake: Haruu
Komusubi: Ucchii, Manatsu
Makuuchi: Suzuran, Lovetan, Wakanyan, Kitarie, Shiorin, Kojiharu, Yuko, Akicha, Haruka, Komorin, Suuchan, Mii (Kuwahara Mizuki), Karen, Minarun, Miichan, Sae, Ayanyan (Hikawa Ayame), Yuppi (Yamaguchi Yuuki)

On the contrary, other members meal was all eaten by Masana, so they would not be able to have enough nutrition to grow…..

Oh come on!! In some sense, she would be likely to cause tons of scandals!!!
Stop it!! You gotta understand that she is lolicon!!

Though I’m Masana-Ota, I can understand this sentiment….

And recently it looks like she has got hooked with Aanya’s Russian lesson lol

I think she doesn’t conduct misbehavior with Murashige as she is still a saucy kid,
people gotta very carefully watch out the situation if she discovered Taniguchi Airi.

Certainly Airisu would be very favored by Masana….

You know, her “I love chidren” character has been widely known to the point that her comments forms are filled with mostly comments like, “LOLICON”, “KD (Kodomo Daisuki)”, “Escape (from Masana~~~~~)!!” and “I know your real targets are tiny children on both sides of you.”

 Ohya Masana on G+  6/11

HKT Murashige Anna-chan’s Russian Language Lesson “Konbanwa”

It’s insanely cute!!

What the heck is it!!??(^-^) 

Murashige Anna


Thank you so much!!

But she would be separated from Chayu (Mori Sayuki, a former member of SKE48, team S, who are living in Nagoya)….

So it’s gonna be alright if Chayu joins HKT, too!!

But I would worry about other HKT members….. they may be brought to a peculiar world which they could never go back (´・ω・`)

Wasamin also came out that she is Lolicon in this video.

“Hi I’m Iwasa Misaki… Actually I’m Lolicon.  (Thumb up!) You know, I like short girls. They are short… and they may say “Sister~~” to me.” “Uhmm… how can I say…. such as their motions….. not girls who are matured and poised but I like girls who talk baby. “

It’s too dangerous to put her close to Oshima Ryoka.

I laughed so hard when I saw Children Zoo photo.

Of course, she pretended that she came to the Zoo to watch animals, but actually what she really enjoy watching is children who are watching animals.

Looking at this photo again, I found that her eyes were serious lol

Sakura-tan is in danger!!!

But I want to see “poet duo” of Miyawaki Sakura and Ohya Masana.….

I saw a photo where Masana is staring at NMB’s Joe-chan as if she was looking at prey…..
So what happened after that?

No, she still can’t get closer to her from this distance.

Masana’s appeal comment in one minute “So please everyone, call “A” after I say alphabets!!
M-A-S-A-N-A, Masana~~~~ I’m Nagoya’s snow white, Ohya Masana! I really like Hayashi Rice, and…. when it comes to ingredients for Miso Soup, I prefer Age-Dofu (In this context, Age-Dofu means AtsuAge) to Tofu, and I like sleeping so much, and…. what?? LoliLoli?? What did you saiy? (member: They wrote Lolicon!!) I’m not Lolicon~~~~!!!!

So while Sashihara made a misconduct before her transfer, Masana would likely have a scandal after her transfer.

So it looks like there are people who think the same as me.
I don’t agree with full transfer, but if it’s a time-limited concurrent position, I think it’s a good idea.

・She is one of the early members of the group,
・She has an experience that some of her peers graduated the group when 2gen members entered SKE.
・It’s no problem if she holds hands with members when she performs the stage.
・She has achieved results as she has been selected for Under Girls for 3 consecutive elections.
・Of course she is Lolicon
・But it’s no problem in AKB48
I think she will be a good role model…..