Karen-chan’s Awesome Sense of Fashion (and news about how Takamina might have been hurt at a Hand-Shake event)

  June 4, 2012

Karen-chans awesome sense of fashion!!!

Karen Iwata on G+

“Shake-hands event was over….!!
But… it was fun…. everyone was fun. Thank you so much ‘(;_;)
I’m once again convinced that Shake-Hands event is wonderful.
Alright, then I will try harder to repay your support!!
So… yeah,
This is this is my coordination of clothing today!
What do you think? Colorful and vibrant, isn’t it?
My pet, whale shark is hanging on my shoulder!

Wild, isn’t it?

Rina Hirata “… “
Rina Hirata “yeah!! it certainly looks like your style!!”
Karen “Hilary…. why you refrain from giving your thought for a bit??? lol”
Sakura Moriyama “Karen-san, You have worked hard today. Please take a good care of yourself(^-^)/”

Miyuu Omori “Hi there, I’m a cameraman for this photo, Omori(^^♪”
Rena Shimada “Cute// I wan to meet you Karen-chan (。・・。) *゜”
Miyuu Omori “Shark bag… too cute♡”

My hats off to you…. Your sense of fashion is just too awesome..

What the heck is this style?!?!

Her back figure in the mirror looks funny…. I don’t know why….

Karen-san…. you have a unique taste of fashion…

As always you have a serious problem in your color sense…. awesome lol

Churi-san, please rate her fasion!!

The accessory she put on her hair


Hilary is wondering how to react…. lol

LOL She ended up with a safe answer.

Hilary is like… telling herself to be convinced “Yes, it’s her style!! Not the style of some geek in Akihabara!”

>“yeah!! it certainly looks like your style!!”
But she never said it’s Kawaii… lol

Karen on G+

Everyone, please llisten!!
You know what? The necklace I was wearing today was the one Takamina-san presented me(>_<)////
(When she was wondering to how she talk to top members,) Takamina-san kindly talked to me, and now she even gives me counsel through mobile phone message.
This necklace is going to be my lifelong treasure.
Takamina-san…. thank you  so muchm(__)m☆

Karen “Uhmm so many of you are asking on how I feel about Takamina-san.
I love everything about Takamina-san!!!!
She sometimes fails to make people  laugh when she throw a gag… (sorry Takamina-san….) and… I respect her sense of fashion as well!!!!!( ̄^ ̄)www”

Photos from Manatsu no Sounds Good! Kobetsu Shake-Hands event in Tokyo

members participated

I am not sure whether this is mere a rumor or not, but I found this tweet.
The reason Takamina hurt her hand. When 3 dudes shook her hands in a row as they were talking to her “Ganbattekudasai (I wish you good luck~~~)” in obviously nasty tone, I heard Takamina’s voice speaking “Uhmm my hand hurts!!”
If it were Akicha, those dudes would break their hand…
From twitter,
Since it’s election season, various kinds of people come to Shake-hands event,….. but I’m worrying if this would cause some trouble…
Takamina’s lane stopped. Many staffs came out. What’s going on….

Though Minami-chan’s lane resumed and  I could shook hands with her…. but….  it looks like she got mentally damaged….

What happened to Takamina’s right arm??? After the lane stopped, it’s wrapped in bandage….

I don’t know why…. but in the second handshake, her face looked a bit clouded….

I heard Takamina hurt her right arm.

I was waiting in line. It stopped for about 10-15minutes. When I finally reached my turn, her hand was wrapped in bandage and the staff told me “please shake her left hand but not her right hand.”

During the event, she didn’t have bandage on her hand.
It’s only after the lane stopped around 4PM…

After this, some people are even stating that AKB48 should stop holding Shake-Hands event before we will see bigger accidents or tragedies happen.

So if this rumor is true, do you think AKB48 should be going to continue their Shake-Hands event in the same manner?? Or they should set some rules in order to prevent this kind of accident happening?

And… of course your commetns not necessarily the answer to this question, and we appreciate any comments from readers. Let’s share your with worldwide fans!!