So why people fall in love with Tomochin-san? (Updated)

  July 19, 2012

Let’s think about it~~~~♪

Fuini (Suddenly)

ロマンス、イラネ (Romnce Irane)

You know what? Itano△ (いたのさんかっけー = Itano-san so cool) is the common language in the world.

Because she is cute.

She is a kind of initiation for becoming AKB Ota.

Tomochin’s “little sister” like aura is tremendous.
She is even treated like a little sister by Miichan who is younger than her.

Give me the picture of Tomochin cleaning a toilet!!

↑ I’m afraid if you can’t see this….

↑ This is too dangerous….

This makes me fall in love with her in a flash.

Tomochin is ridiculously loved by people on 2ch….

Where this toilet is located?

I heard this is the backroom (of AKB theater). (and used by members)

Idol is taken a photo of her cleaning a toilet!?!? LOL I love her!!

Noro-san, good job!!

↑By the way, members are supposed to clean the toilet on a rotating basis.

↑Yeah I know it, I was just wondering whether it’s the theater’s toilet or other venue’s

She never be shaken even being hit by Shinai!!

Women who don’t swarm are cool, that’s the natural providence.

Certainly, when she is teasing Sashihara-chan with a face like a sleepy child see-dog.

So most people have once admired heroes or heroines when they were kid. And our feeling towards Tomochin is something like this.

I fell in love with her when she was playing with full force in Mutyaburi Dodgeball.

She is idol but charisma for high school girls!?? That’s so cool!!!
By the way, many have been talking about who will be the successor of Acchan but who’ll the the successor of Tomochin??

↑ We’ll never see who can succeed Tomochin no matter how long we will wait.
Tomochin △

She often doesn’t notice that she is way behind others about topics on Gugutasu, she upset the birthday cake….. people call her Charisma but she actually has a characteristics of clunker, and that makes us all the more love her.

the legend of Itano Tomomi

・She is actually a nice girl. 
 Despite initial image, she has characteristics of natural air-head and adorable
 She is Charisma but clunker
 Despite her looks she is easily moved to tears, and has handsome personality. 
 She can make Anti, who has come to underground idol section of 2ch to crush AKB fansom, like her and AKB a little bit. 
 She use chopsticks elegantly, and her handwriting is beautiful. 
 She totally wins the goldfish scooping against her fans in fan events, but deliberately loses to kids fans. 
 She presented Frisk case with her name on it to AKB members of Hori Production after Dear J event. 
 She invited members like Kikuchi for her home and treated them to Nabe (Hot Pot), she also gave advise on make-up for Fujie…. overall she cares about her juniors. 
 Sometime she suddenly reply to ordinary people/fans on twitter. 
 She is always serious when it comes to dodgeball. 
 She immediately stop following Yonezawa from her twitter after YoneHira Soudou (YoneHira incident).

Plus, she knows a lot about structure and brands of guitars,  as she used to help her father customize guitars

Members all said that at first they thought Tomochin was a cool and cold girl, but as they were getting to know her personality, it turned out that she was actually such a kind and nice girl, and has a cute personality. Listening to the members’ impressions of Tomochin, probably wota also have gone through the same process that members went through before.

↑Acchan hugging Tomochin?
It’s such a rare scene!
Because, when it comes to members who Tomochin hugs, the first few girls that come up in my head are Miichan or Sae.

↑It’s not Acchan but Kitarie.

↑Tomochin is such a poised girl as she has never been shaken even when she was suddenly hugged by Kitaire

This girl, the more attractive she is, the more we get to know her.
She looks glittery and that somehow gives us an impression that she is a difficult person to approach, but she has a personal magnetism for junior members and I bet she is truly a nice girl. It’s so obvious.

But… yeah, since she sometimes looks vigorless and not like a kind of person who flatter her superiors, it looks like she sometimes has a tough time when big shots of this industry get strict with her.
But her personality, being kind to people who are inferior to her and being strict on people who are superior to her,  her hidden “big-sister” character makes me…. can’t help but say “Itano-san is so cool.”

She chugged down juice that had a (toy) frog inside the can in the “Test Your Courage” game penalty, that’s so cool!!

It’s so moe~ that glittery looking girls like her can use chopsticks elegantly and has beautiful handwriting.
Her dad is a bank employee and her mom is a teacher, right?
She confessed that she had been a naughty girl before but overall I think she has had good parenting from her parents, I think.

Her “It’s normal that I save up money since I’m already 20” remark made me say “Moe~” too.
She said “I want to give a house to my parents as a gift” as well.
I believe she will definitely be a good wife.

When she is talking with others, she’s sometimes uses “うん”, (a sound in Japanese to show that you’re listening) and the way she says “うん” is way too cute

Tomochin’s family are all kind people that makes me feel warm and fluffy.

So… the reason that she didn’t join any of AKB’s club activities was because she knew that idea would be forgotten soon, or is it just that she didn’t know AKB started club activities??

She still doesn’t know that AKB has club activities yet.

↑She is so cute…..

She has nothing extra, both looks-wise and personality-wise.
She has not pretentious, but not reserved either.
Her face, as far as I can see in commercials, also never stops getting cuter…

Members all say Tomochin is really tender and has such a cute personality.
Amina also raved about Tomochin’s personality and Aamin once said that when Tomochin notices that Aamin’s choreo is wrong, she not only points out her mistake but teaches her so that Aamin can dance correctly.
In team K, Tomochin plays the role of someone who listens to members’ worries and troubles. Reinyan confessed her worries to Tomochin, Moeno talked with Tomochin passionately etc,… Tomochin is deeply involved with a wide range of members.

NMB48 Seishun Girls Stage 20120609
Yamamoto-Sayaka’s message to fans to express her gratitude that 5 members of NMB made it in the election.
Topic “If you could be one of the 238 members who participated in the election, who would you be?”
Yamada Nana “AKB’s Itano Tomomi-san!! I really admire her, no matter which spot she gets (in the election) her character is never affected, she is so cool!!”
Kondo Rina “I definitely answer ‘Itano Tomomi-san’. I don’t know why, but I think she is such a marvelous person”
Yamada Nana “So you are the same as me!”
Kondo Rina “Nope! I like a different side of Itano-san!!”

Everything about her is so lovely…