Here is the Comment of the member after Last Night’s Announcement on Tokyo Dome Concert.

Takajo Aki 01:02 25 august 2012

I could see various expressions of you from the Stage when my name was called….

Some members were crying as they first heard about my transfer,
Many fans also looked that they were unable to hide their shock.
There were even people who were crying….

I’m so sorry for making you upset….

I decided this transfer on my own will.

I need to take a new step otherwise my dream will be over.

I’ve joined AKB in order to realize my dream.
I don’t mind if it’s taking time to reach my dream.
Now I’m in this lucky environment, I want to have a variety of experiences.
I will approach to my dream at my own pace.

So please everyone, don’t abandon me until I will realized my dream. Some day when I realize my dream, I will repay you.


Kojima Natsuki 01:04 25 August 2012


So I will join team B.

As you know, I’m a very shy person…..
Will I be able to communicate with senior members well? Will I be really alright?

But by taking this as a chance, I’ll display myself more, and will change my personality!



Tomu, congrats on your promotion~♥♥♥
Love you♪


NakatsukaTomomi 00:45 25 August 2012

KKS to B to K, and now to team A! I conquered all teams!

I’ve belonged to all teams of AKB. I love team K, but take this positively!

I hate to see that the current team K will be over.
But at the same time, I’m looking forward to see what it will bring in the future!

As time will pass, I will say that, “Geez! I really love team A!!!” lol


Muto Tomu 00:39 25 August 2012

Prolly some people haven’t even noticed yet coz it’s announced so plainly, but I’ve gotten promoted to K. Thank you♪

Tano Yuka 9:41 25 August 2012

Harambee!! Congratz Congratz Congratz…. (´;ω;`)!

Sato Amina 00:30 25 August 2012

I went from Team A to Team B.

Then I went from Team B to Team K.
I have been on every team now. That is amazing.
I really like Team B!!!!
However I am looking forward to following Yuko-chan’s lead
I am looking forward to shine as Team K
It is time for a new beginning

Yamauchi Suzuran 00:25 25 August 2012

I will become team B. I’m so thrilled! I want to discover new “Me”!!

Yokoyama Yui 09:42 25 August 2012

The first day of “TOKYO DOME” is over!

I, Yui Yokoyma, will be a concurrent member of NMB48 and AKB48 Team A.

I am not sure of the details concerning the concurrency but I will do my best.


Nakagawa Haruka 00:16 25 August 2012

The first day of “TOKYO DOME” is over!!!

I am sorry to have surprised all of you.

However I made this decision based on positive ideas!!

It has been 6 years since I joined AKB48. I experienced many thing. Some good, some bad. Some fun, some a challenge. Recently I came to think about my future. I even changed my nickname to bring about some change…
Mr. Akimoto happened to suggest about studying abroad around this time, and I immediately decided that I wanted to go. It is not that I do not want to be in AKB, but I thought, I want to see how well I can do overseas!! I want to challenge myself!!
Therefore, I decided to take on this challenge myself….
I have nothing to base this feeling, but I am sure I will have no regrets!!
I am going to take a new step!
I will give it my best!!
I would be lying if I was not anxious and worried, but I will work hard to blow all that away!!
Jakarta is far away from Tokyo but regardless of where I am, I am the same Nakagawa Haruka!!

I hope that you will all support me going forward!!


Umeda Ayaka 00:11 25 August 2012

You can’t tell what tomorrow will bring. I was so surprised that I even laughed before I knew it. Sure It’s gonna be tough. But that I could laugh means It’s gonna be alright. That’s what I tell myself (^^)

Hinata Rina 00:13 25 August 2012

There’d been a tons of thing happened today….. I can’t think about anything now…..( p_q) Kaotan: Hilary(´;ω;`)♥

Masuda Yuka 23:54 24 August 2012

I heard Yuko moved my full body panel to my position. Thank you Yuko. So, My new team is team K. That’s expected. I’m back, K!!

Sashihara Rino 23:53 24 August 2012

I was so happy when Aichan (Lovetan) said to me that “(I’m alright) Because Sassy is there!”. I love you Lovetan.

Omori Miyu 23:44 24 August 2012


I was so surprised. I got frustrated, and thought I gotta work harder. Please keep supporting me☆

I wrote my honest feeling in Mobame, please read it!


Tano Yuka 23:13 24 August 2012


Sure it’s very frustrating and I have many questions, I can’t sort out my feelings at all, but I will be what I used to be. And I will just give it everything I’ve got. Please keep supporting me.


Katayama Haruka 23:10 24 August 2012

I will be going to Team B!
I have many things on my mind but I have to stay positive so that AKB can keep moving forward.
I will like to make as many fun memories as I can during the rest of the time I spend with Team A!

Yamamoto Sayaka 00:48 24 August 2012

As most of you already know, a lot of Surprise there. I have a complex feeling about this, honestly~ (´◎ω◎`)

Kotani Rhino 00:46 25 August 2012

As most of you already knew, I will be concurrent in team N and A. I have no idea what it will turn out to be, but I just work hard.

Shiroma Miru 23:54 24 August 2012

I will call Maokyun….

Moekyun from now~

I’ve decide it!

Moekyun is sooooo soft and tender~~~~


Mirurun’s G+ is just the same as usual lol

Kojima Haruna 01:49 25 August 2012

We finished with today’s Stage without severe accident. So much fun! Our long-awaited dream, TD, together with everyone, So happy. I try even harder tomorrow☆〜(ゝ。∂) BTW, the only word I uttered for today’s MC was “あ”~ (бвб) lol