Is it true that Haruka, Acchan and Yuko are sharing a room together?

  September 10, 2012

Some twitter source of HS event reported saying they had asked Yuko if this rumor was true and Yuko didn’t deny it.
But awhile back, there was a time when Akicha, Atsuko and Harugon (aka Bocchi-kai) had been cooking breakfast together everyday. Has Yuko been sharing a room with Acchan since then??

Nakagawa Haruka 9/6 2012


Afternoon ChapuChapu♪
It’s so nice to lie in a nice hot bath!


Gonchan has such a big heart to live together with Yuko and Acchan, top2 of AKB48!??!

Look at this photo. Haruka is now completely blended among JKT members! She is so good at communicating with people! You know what? Even veteran Actress Kinomi Nana said Harugon was her best friend in Sho-Biz!!

Anyway, Acchan!! Why don’t you come to Jakarta to continue Bocchi-kai with them!!! You can be Center of JKT48!!!

And… after all, the one who probably missed Acchan the most was Yuko…. Look she is always wearing that necklace that Acchan gave her….

Nakagawa Haruka 2012/09/04

I’m so fatigued….
I finally came to my home…..
But I gotta do washing, cleaning….
It’s so tough to live alone… (>_<)
Sorry for saying a bit of a negative thing.
Fukumoto Aina 9/4 23:45

Then Aina will come to help you~~~~!!

Probably because they belong to the same agency, they live close to each other, and are just visiting each other often?

By the way, Gonsan is really good at communicating with people, she can even get along with Yuttan and Kikuchi, who are a bit hard to approach if you don’t know them well….

Uhm? It’s because Yuppai, Harugon and Acchan were school mates at their high shcool, and Kikuchi is her fellow 3rd gen member and in Warota.