AKB48 Caught In Spring Illness: Sae Miyazawa Took Absence From The Show

  April 17, 2012
I think know  Sae Miyazawa has captured fans hearts mainly by her handsome personality. Though she hasn’t been in top-10 in the election, she also has very passionate fans. Yesterday, about only 2 hours before the show at AKB Theatre, AKB48 Official suddenly she couldn’t perform for the show due to sickness. Shortly after the show ended,  Sae Miyazawa wrote her apologize on her blog, stating “I am sorry that it was such a belated notice.. I stay at home to recover as soon as possible.”
AKB48 these days has constantly been troubled by members’ health problem, starting from Jurina to Tomochin to Mayuyu to now Sae. 
Given Current popularity of AKB48 (one of the most popular pop group in the world, and by far the biggest in Asia, which we’d never seen before), it would be so tough both mentally and physically to go through all of their duties from shows at AKB48 theater to Live concert tours to Solo and Unit activities to TV act.
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I could sleep well!
Maybe too well, since I have a headache.. Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Heading for work with Sayaka★

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I was allowed to absent from today’s RESET show. I’m so sorry for fans who are anticipating the show….
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Good Morning!
Sorry to have caused worry yesterday。。(/ _ ; )
I feel so much better than yesterday, but it’s still not 100% perfect.
Now, I am going to visit a hospital again!

Note: She also wrote her apologize on her blog in more polite manner ny herself.