Kobayashi Marina shared Oshiri Tomato photo on Google Plus and one more about AN・RI・RE

  September 23, 2012

Kato Rena 19:31 9/22

We finished the lesson!
So yeah! Let’s workd hard tomorrow, too(^∀^*)/″


Kato Rena 0:53

My eyes are itchy…

Definitely AN・RI・RE
Probably they’re going to make an official anouce soon?

The 3 make a perfect combo!
They will certainly become Hit!

Almost certainly Kato and Kawaei will transfer to Ohta Production, won’t they?

What a spoiler LOL
So they will unveil this unit at tomorrow’s handshake event? Or in HEYx3! the day after tomorrow?
I hope this is gonna be like the unit like “Wimbledon”.

Kato Rena is a little bit too chilly and not that popular,
but when you eliminate all the Oshi bias, and just look at her with an objective eye,
She, especially her looks, is cut out for Center, I think.

It it’s Kato. Kawaei and Iriyama, you can easily expect Kato will be chosen for Center by Yasusu.
That’s Yasusu what we’re talking about.

All of the three won’t attend the tomorrow. If there’s a chance, I think it’s HEY!x3 which will be aired on 24th.


↑Yeah, I know they won’t attend, but I just thought they might make a surprise appearance.

↑I think they won’t make a surprise announcement in the event held in Tokai area.
Even the unveiling ceremony of HKT was in the nationwide handshake event in Kanto region where tons of media gathered at.

Kawaei Rina 9/22 19:49

Lesson finished ヽ(´ー`)ノ

After I sweat, my eyebrows disappeared(笑)
My stomach is empty~(´Д⊂ヽ

Takahashi Juri 9/22 20:25

Have a nice meal!
Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:43

Otsutsu! (*Otsukaresama + Yasusu)

Plain faces….

Wei wei, wait. So almost surely Katorena will be a sort of Center for this unit???
For the last photo, I just thought it was because it’s a post by Katorena, but this time it’s by Kawaei.
Which makes me almost convinced that Kato is gonna be Center…!

The thing is….. Who will be the center of AN・RI・RE????
…..well, for their debut song, that girl will perform as Center, though…

↑Which means Center will serve as a foil? LOL

It’s par for the course for the music TV show that people react like “No way~ Girls in the back are cuter than the one at the center!!”
And because it’s Sashihara, she will also benefit from being made fun of like that.


Kobayashi Marina 8:35pm 9/22

I found this at the super market(`・ω・´) DOYA!


LOL What the hell!www

Oshima RYoka 9/22 20:36

Such a nice butt( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Oshima Ryoka 9/22 20:36


This butt hair thingy is adding some reality.

No,  no, no…..This butt has real butt hair!! LOL

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:36

LOL, isn’t this surprisingly awesome!?
Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:40

I laughed so hard at this together with my mom, and couldn’t help but take a photo?(⌒▽⌒)笑
Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:42

Everyone! This is a tomato LOL

The cap is adding some flavor to this photo…

LOL Asshole!!


Marinatteru! Don’t say “The cap is adding some flavor to this photo…” LOL

Whoa LOL
I thought this “cap” comment is a fake one but then I found it’s real LOL

After all, I guess girls don’t see things in the same way as we boys do… LOL

What did she find in the cap in this photo!!! LOL

Oh come on LOL!!

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:44

I sent this image to Watanabe Mayu-san(⌒▽⌒)

Even if thought this is a photo of butt, she couldn’t send the other one of the sisters…
By the way, I’m surprised that Marina knows Mayuyu’s address!!

I think it’s because they’re fellow Takarazuka fans

What if this image will be spread to many members from Mayuyu-san LOL

Probably they’re very close to each other as they share common love for Takarazuka.

For some reason, she made a comment on SKE Kuwabara Mizuki’s G+ at this timing LOL

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:42

Ka~tsu~o~ sa~n(⌒▽⌒)

Oh… last year’s Janken Senbatsu.

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:47

This is



Not a dirty Joke!!(`・ω・´)おおん

Oshima Ryokia 20:47

Oshima Ryokia 20:48


Ryo~chan, please stop~~~!! Don’t say it!

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:52

Everyone is so nasty!!!
Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:52

This is just a photo of Tomato(`・ω・´)

Beside, this is Oshiriω

Oshiriω can’t be a dirty joke by any means!

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:54

*Cry Cry(>人<;)

Everyone teases me!

Oh come on…. the guy who wrote a comment (on her G+) that says “Butt hair Hamburger” should be prudent LOL

Kobayashi Marina 20:55

After all, you guys love this kind of stuffs, don’t you! LOL

You love Oshiri!! LOL

LOL She goes defiant.

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:58

Kaneko Shiori 20:59

I love soccer so much(??? ? ???)

???? ( ゚д゚)

Where this soccer thing come up from?

Alright, Marinatteru left a comment on Kaneko’s post,

Kobayashi Marina 9/22 20:43

Kinchan, so you love soccer (・ω・)?

And that’s Kaneko’s reply to Marinatteru.

Okay now I got it.

↑Thank you so much!

Marinatteru and Kinchan are AKB 10gen and SKE 4gen, which means they’re almost the same generation members, and that’s why they are close to each other?

Kobayashi Marina 21:02

I love tomatoes ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ

But I left this tomato at the store LOL

So she will still continue talking about Tomato? LOL
Better to stop it LOL

So she just took a photo of the tomato at the store…..

Though she brought such a boundary-pushing topic,
she can only get 200 comments from fans….

If Mayuyu wrote just “Oshiri♥” on Marinatteru’s post, it will reach 500 ini a flash LOL

I bet it will for less than a minute LOL

Yeah if Mayuyu would give her a support to Marina, it’s like in a blink of an eye reaching 500.
By the way, you guys should stop sexual harassment kind of comments on her G+ LOL

LOL Katsuo….

Kuwabara Mizuki 21:36

Somehow, it looks so real (`∀´#) LOL

It’s so rare to see Katsuo on AKB48 members G+ LOL

Probably it’s because Marinatteru sent the photo to Katsuo’s cellphone.

Kobayashi Marina 21:41

Everyone! So we could have so much fun thanks to the tomatoヾ(。・ω・。)ノ

Kobayashi Marina 22:03

Mayu-san gave me a reply which says “Oshiri!! Awesome!!!”(⌒▽⌒)

LOL I thought Marinatteru has already done with this topic.

Kobayashi Marina 22:11

We can have fun with this kind of thing.
And that’s what’s awesome about Google Plus\(^o^)/
Kobayashi Marina 22:39

Please wait for a bit til I upload today’s Marinatteru News!!

If Marinatteru will ever be a female announcer, this would be the black history of her…. LOL