When we look at the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, actually top-3 positions are dominated by Oshiri-sisters and their family as Yuko Oshima and Mayu Watanabe, the Oshiri-sisters placed 1st and 3rd respectively, and Yuki Washiwagi, the mom of Mayuyu placed 2nd. Probably some fans were predicting this result as they started the thread titled “Members who has a good-shaped butt” several days ago.

I’ve never seen any butt sexier than Mayuyu’s.
I seriously approve her butt, this is the only butt I’ve ever approved actually!!
Different!! This is Sashiko! lol
It’s hurting…. she is too ideal….
I didn’t know that Sashiko has such a sexy hip…
I especially like the one second to the right. 
Rena actually has rich breasts…?
Tomo~mi’s butt looks like Bamiyan’s logo!!
(Bamiyan is Chinese restaurant chain in Japan which has a logo based on peach.)
I broke into laughter as Chuu said “My butt looks like Bamiyan’s “Butt” not Bamiyan’s logo lol” 
The more I look at her, the more I realize how beautiful she is.
I haven’t know she has such a perfect body until now….
Look her sexy thighs and hip!!
Annin is perfect in the MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!, too….!!
Do you have pictures of Mariko and Sae’s butts??
And the back side of the jacket cover of Manatsu (shows Sae’s cute butt)
Thanks!! This is so appealing…
This video is approved by Mayuyu’s Oshiri-Ota, me.
Look how her rich butt that can’t be covered by Bikini!!
Oh…. this is the first time I saw her in sexual way….
When it comes to butt, I can’t pick any member but Mariko!
Her Bikini is too tight….. which is nice… lol
Oh no….(//∇//)
Your butt stole my eyes…..it’s so tempting!!
If Mayuyu had rich breast, she would be perfect.
Her body shape from waist to hip and her butt should be registered as  a national treasure!
I love flat chested Mayuyu……
Mayuyu is perfect because she has flat breasts, isn’t it!!
I think this picture is nice to imagine how Milky’s butt looks like….
Milky has a really sexy body. Her body is very flexible, too!
Okay, now I understood this thread is dedicated to Mayuyu…
Please hold sexy Oshiri Sousenkyo!!