Sashihara effect everywhere!!

  September 6, 2012

Hi guys, this post will give you a sneak peek of how HKT members’ Google plus looked like after today’s stage (9/5 2012), where Sassy made her appearance for the first time after Aug 15.

On the same day, Sashihara produced Cake and Bread which were sold in a local mall in Fukuoka city.


Before the theater Stage, Sashihara bought Haagen Daz ice creams for HKT members. It’s rumored that she bought tons of ice cream just like Takamina does for members at AKB’s concerts.

Sashihara Rino 16:04 9/5

Murashige-san, I bought ice cream for you~


Sashihara Rino 16:04 9/5

I bought an expensive ice cream at the request of Natsu (Matsuoka Natsumi), but Natsu isn’t here today!?

Murashige Anna 18:32pm 9/5

Wait! Did you just say Sassy bought ice cream for everyone!?!?

But I won’t join today’s Stage~~~!!!!!

Why the heck~~~~!?!?
I want ice cream Sassy bought for me~~~~~!!!!!
I need ice cream Sassy bought for me!!!



Nakanishi Chiyori 21:18 9/5

Sassy’s sexy shot*
title: “Dear J”


Rino-chan….. you’re so sexy~( 〃▽〃)

Motomura Aoi 21:24 9/5

I heard Sassy was given clothes from Itano-san (-н-ο)

She was wearing it today….
I’m jealous….(。-_-。)

Well, yeah!
I gotta have Sassy give me her clothes someday ♥♥*。

Kumazawa Serina 21:27 9/5

She was so fashionable today!!
Fukagawa Maiko 21:30 9/5

Uhmmmm I envy her~~!!
Sashihara Rino 21:50 9/5

Fuhahahahahahahahaha (Laugh Aloud Proudly)

LOL As we expect, this fashion coordinate was Tomochin’s originally…

Just like we expected? LOL

Fukagawa Maiko 9/5 21:13

Sorry, I made it up!!!(゜ロ゜; 
I wasn’t given ice cream from Sassy、、、、(_;) 
Kumazawa Serina 21:27 9/5

Goood evening (ヽ´ω`)♥

Today’s Stage is over.
Today, we had Sassy for the first time in a long time♥

Sassy, it’s been a long time (笑)

Because I haven’t seen Sassy for a long time,
when I took a photo with her……

This face!!!!!!!Σ(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ

When I said,

“Sassy~~~ Don’t make a funny face~~~~~笑”

Sassy said,

“This is not a funny face!! This is my cutest face that I can ever make♥”



No way!! No way!!!
You’re always so cute!!!

So we gave it one more try.


Sassy is being Bear-chan♥

She is soooo cute~~~~~(^^)

I love her so much (//∀//*)??


Cute( 〃▽〃)

I love the fact that they are calling Sassy without “San” at the end of her name~
I’m happy to see she is very popular in HKT, too~~~!!

Because Sassy joined HKT’s stage for the first time in a long time,
HKT members’ Google Plus are full of Sassy!!!
Great to see that they uploaded many photos of Sassy!!

Miyawaki Sakura 22:39pm 9/5

Good evening ♪ 
This is Miyawaki Sakura!!

Today, I  talked a lot with Sassy and Saito Makiko-san from SKE48 (^^) 

Sadly though, Sassy told me, “I love Sakura-tan so much! But the only thing I can’t like about you are the pictures that you draw(>_<)”

So….. to make Sassy like pictures, I drew a portrait of Sassy and sent it to her phone♪

Will Sassy give me “Okay” for this picture??? (゜ロ゜) 

That’s all for today!
Wishing us all the best for today and the days to come



This is unexpectedly good, Sakuratan!!

Wait…. She has improved so much! 

She was accidentally captured by Haachan camera!!

Tsuzuki Rika 10:59pm 9/5

This is the lock screen of my smartphone( ´□`)♥
Sashihara-san dressed like a man ( ´□`)♥


Awesome, Rikachuu!!!
This made me want to own smartphones!! ( 〃▽〃)

Nice. Is she carrying Tomochin’s clothes in the big white bag?

Kodama Haruka 23:03 9/5

Good evening.

Today, I joined a photo shoot for a magazine with Shassy~!
It was a really clean and elegant style.

I will let you know the details later~.

We also had an interview for the magazine.
I talked about the current state and future of HKT, in a very serious mood.

I was once again convinced how much Shassy thinks and cares about HKT48…!!!

She is a member who has struggled to find her place back when she was KKS, and rose to the current position because of enormous effort!
She has experienced various things,
so she is good at reading other people’s feelings and analyzing them.
She always gives us advise like “I think you can do it like this in that kind of situation!”

She’s helped us so much!!
Thank you so much!



What’s going on in Hakata!?!?
Why are they all writing about Sassy?
How much my wife is loved by them!?!? lol

I think it’s partly thanks to Haagen Daz…… lol

Saito Makiko 11:27pm 9/5

Sashi-sa~~~~~~nnnnNNNNN!!! (^o^)

You call me “Makiko, Makiko” during the performance…… uhmm yeah it feels….. mediocre nice….lol
Oh, and that Haagen Daz ice cream!! Thank you so much! You own many things…… yeah, many things…. lol



Wow Makiko was still there??/ Members Google Plus are literally all about Sassy!!

Oota Aika 23:31 9/5

I totally get the situation there lol