This week’s Cameraman is….. Suzuki Shihori.

 As a part of the TV program, recently she joined the training session for professional models. “Model has been an endearing job for me. If I’ll have an opportunity, I’ll be willing to try modeling. Of course I like a work as a group. I’v been an email pal of Milky, who’s joined team B recently. She is really an interesting girl~☆ Her entry to team B is definitely inspiring the team as well as myself. I hope that will help us grow more! “

 I want to sleep over with my beloved three members , Ayarin, Komori and Suuchan~~!!

 Miorin is 18. If you don’t look at the whole, she may look adult? Kinda….

 We’ve been to an outside pool together in our private time~ Our summer memory☆

Here I confess that Annin is Kissing Bandit!! LOL

 Mayuyu-san kindly gave me her usual cute look LOL

Because we are at the same age, we have a similar way of thinking. We often frolic each other. 

 Kitarie-san in Heavy Rotaion’s Neko Mimi costume. This costume suits her, who is very friendly to people☆ If it were me, maybe it would be Black Cat? 

Our captain Yukirin is eating catering meal at the backstage of the concert venue. She gave me such a nice reaction like a professional reporter for gourmet TV shows!! Whenever we meet with each other, she talks to me lately. The team work of team B is made of our captain’s kindness♥

I often find Aamin sleeping here and there. When she is sleeping, she is as tiny as a kitty~

 Mocchii-san has such a glamorous body! I want her to teach the secret of her beauty someday!

 Girls are rushing to homemade sweets~ But they just finished lunch, didn’t they~~

 Suzuran dressed in mourning, a costume for the comedy. It’s rumored that she has become a little ladylike lately??