Dick shaped souvenir you got from Sayanee, and one more on Paruru, Minarun and Miorin on ANN

  October 13, 2012
Shizamaki Haruka 20:50

Today or more precisely tomorrow, I will host ANN with members from Bakaleya!!

Plz check it out!

This is my first appearance in ANN!



Anticipated appearance of Paruru in ANN!! Will she host the radio with Shimada and Ohba, right?

What a spoiler lol

Shimazaki: “I know you guys will call me Ponkotsu. But I don’t care!” (←Not a real comment from Paruru but just a joke made by one fan)

LOL I bet she wrote this certainly knowing how fans will react.

Nakamura Mariko

We’ll host tonight’s ANN with Minarun, Paruru, Miorin and Mariko!!

ϵ( ‘Θ’ )϶



Shimazaki Haruka

ANN Live Commenting!

IPS Cell!! Idol Paruru Shimazaki

(↑I totally don’t get this comment(?ω?))



Shimazaki Haruka

ANN Live commenting 2

Mariko and Mina made a spoiler about the movie lol

Nakamura Mariko

ANN Live commenting 3

Mariko Opera lol

I want to convey this feeling~!!



Shimazaki Haruka

Rumor has come up that suggests Shimazaki Haruka-san and Ohba Mina-san are not in good terms.


Yudai Takenaka (Producer for Anta Dare)

I think they are still not used to host the talk show live considering thoughts of listeners or viewers…
Yudai Takenaka (Producer for Anta Dare) 10/13 1:32

Though it’s not a big deal if they will improve themselves in the future..

But it’s not an easy deal…. If they get intimidated by trying to care too much about listeners, it makes them low.


So basically staffs for Anta Dare favor middle class members more than team 4 or younger members right?

I can understand what AndareP is trying to say.

Poor Komariko… she is actually almost a regular member of Anta Dare….

Shimazaki Haruka

ANN Live commenting 5

Run! Miorin, Run!



I thought the yellow cover of the mic was Lemon….

Nakamura Mariko

We’re having so much fun!!

Can you feel this fun mood through the radio~(●′ω`人′ω`●)

I like radio so much!!!!!



They are too much relying on Lemon…..

AndareP’s opinion is completely right.

In fact the radio show hosted by the three, Konya ha Kaeranai (今夜は帰らない) is not popular at all.

AndareP usually share his opinion from a perspective of professional who’ve been working for radio or TV shows for years. Besides, his comments to members talking on ANN is always very straightforward.

I think they can learn a lot if they co-star with Shisho (Matsui Sakiko), Amina-san, Matsubara-san, Umeda-san.

If only they will have a lot of opportunities to gain experiences….

I’m actually expecting from them because when you look at each member, they have huge potentials.

Yudai Takenaka

Senior members care more about thoughts of listeners, or how what they’re talking are received by listeners.

As a producer of Anta Dare, I keenly feel how greatly members of 2~5gen have trained themselves through their career.

Takenaka Yudai

Today’s Matsubara-san in Anta Dare was so impressive…

She is really good at “throwing a pass” to others in conversation.

↑And that’s what Anta Dare is meant to be right?

Takanaka Yudai

Or IS This Why Roformation Taken Place?


Shimazaki Haruka

ANN LIve commenting 6




I think after the reformation taking place, they will gradually learn from seniors.

↑I suddenly remembered Tomochin’s cute retort to Paruru on MJ.

Though I’m neither team 4 Oshi nor 9gen Oshi, I think it’s very harsh that the producer of AKB related who made critical comments on the girls with completely knowing fans will read his comments.

Considering the fact that ANN’s episode hosted by members of NMB was soooo funny,

I think it’s more about the gap in their talents rather than their career length…

But after received an advise from AndareP, Wasamin achieved a result in Oogiri in Anta Dare, and  has earned a confidence.

It can work if it get done properly.

Yudai Takenaka

Comment to promote (Movie Balaleya)….

It’s very difficult to convey the charm of something that people aren’t familiar with.

Yudai Takenaka

Anyways, good job, girls!

If you ever have a chance to visit our show, Anta Dare,

I’m gonna prepare a training session for you in out show!


↑He is exactly like a teacher.

Ohba Mina

ANN, Special Program celebrating the premiere of Movie Bakaleya~!!

I was very fun

( *•v• )
The rumor that I’ve been in a bad terms with Paruru is…

A total Lie, we made up lol

Fumie and Saya are the best friends(ง •̀_•́)ง←




Yudai Takenaka

Comments you left here are… not mere bashing but your love that reflects your wish that you want members to improve, right?

I haven’t met Shimazaki-san yet, but I’ve met Ichikawa-san, Ohba-san and Nakamura-san, and really like them.

I wish they will read comments here and ponder upon themselves….

After all, what great about Gugutasu is the fact you can get reactions from fans realtime and learn from them.

AnDare has received tons of criticisms from you as well…



Kinoshita Haruna 23:20

Though Sayanee mailed me she will come over to my room….

I have no  idea exactly when she will come…… lol


Kinoshita Haruna 23:52

Sayanee came up~!!!!!

And I received Souvenir of Okinawaー\(^-^)/

Yeah I thought it was Chinsukou at first but then I fount it!! It’s ChinKO Sukou!!

Chinsukou – Famous Snack from Okinawa

Chinko Sukou

Chinko Sukou has a shape of penis. It represents a blessing with children.

During the production  process of Chinko Sukou, we made a prayer on metallic mold used to make the snack for having a baby and safe delivery at Shrine in Okinawa.

Erected Penis don’t do anything malicious.

Cumming Penis will be hit (or Penis growing too big will be hit on it’s head)

Insert Penis from the side

※↑These texts are translated very freely.

Playing card as a charm to bring a good luck and be blessed with a newborn is contained in the package of Chinko Sukou. (One card per pack)

This mysterious playing card is said to has total 45 different types.