Mayuyu, Jurina, Paruru, Annin, Mariyagi, Minarun to star HP’s new commercial

  July 11, 2012

HP Japan launched their campaign for Ultrabook, titled “HP Ultrabook Campaign feat. AKB48” from today, July 11.
With this kick start of the campaign, Official website “HP Ultrabook Campaign feat. AKB48” has opned, and TV Ads “HP Big Thin Ultra ver.” will start airing from July 14 (Sat).
Commercial features total 6 members of AKB48, Watanabe Mayu, Matusi Jurina, Shimazaki Haruka, Nagao Mariya, Ohba Mina and Iriyama Anna. They appeal comfortableness and charm of Ultrabook to consumers through this campaign.
The commercial features “Show fight!“, a song by AKB48 Future Girls, a coupling to AKB’s new single released on Aug 29.
Along with the campaign, Gyao! set up a new website where they are offering a special web program called “HP Ultrabook Campaign feat. AKB48 special program ‘Which is your Oshi?'”
6 members who star the commercial are divided into 2 team, “Ultrabook lover” and “Standard laptop lover”. On the website, they release visuals where girls promote the charms of the type of laptop they support and viewers can vote for the type of laptop they like.
The filming was done smoothly partly because of tensed mood. When Jurina found a staff in the filmed footage, “LOL (Staff) Shows up (in the footage)!!”, she snapped with a smile. She also requested staffs, “Headphone please!!” in English. She made a mood of the filming session relaxed.
In the scene where Watanabe, Matsui and Shimazaki gathered up together, there’re scenes where Watanabe tried making Shimazaki, who was a bit nervous, smile, or Jurina roused herself by saying “Alright!!!” All of them seem to have enjoyed the filming session. Watanabe left a comment, “The filming technology has been advancing so rapidly!! Because I haven’t experienced this type of filming in other work, it was difficult, but I could feel a sense of achievement.” Nagao Mariya said with a confidence, “I could have a fun! Please watch the final product!!”

Alright so these are the girls who lead AKB in future.

This is nice!!

Such fresh faces!! Awesome!!

So they picked Nagao!!!!!
After all, when she achieves a result in the election, management take it into consideration even if it’s only a tiny bit.

Still lacking!!
They should feature Kawaei or Takahashi Jurin from team 4!!!
Featuring Paruru or Mariyagi doesn’t sound fresh at all.

No Kawaei!!
Because she can’t say the multiplication tables!! It will ruin an intelligent image of Ultrabook lol

Oh Mariyagi is in these members!!
That’s nice….!!
She is a kind of person who’ve always got unfavorable treatment….

One thing I thought as I looked at these faces is that Jurina finally started appearing commercials which are offered to AKS.
Which means….. Jurina’s transfer to a major agency is approaching.

I’m surprised that they are allowed to go with only 2 Senbatsu members.

↑ I thought the same, probably they didn’t have an enough budget?

Partly because this is themed on Generation Change? And…. another reason is Mayuyu made a great leap to the 2nd spot.

Minarun should wear clothes that emphasis her breasts!!!

Thought some of these members are favorites of Adults (AkiP, management,, agencies, all of these things, very common word when we talk about AKB), I must admit this selection is awesome!!

They should create a unit with the 5 girls!!

And Mitsumune has disappeared…..
Maybe from now, they will start fierce promotion for Iriyama.

I think this is a nice tendency, but I need Juri….

After all, they don’t go with Mayuyu and Jurina as top2, but adding Paruru and make it top3??

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And it looks like this when they line up together

How stunning visual these girls have!!
It’s no brainer why HP are willing to go with these faces.

Mariyagi is Next Generation’s Kojiharu.

Mariyagi’s plain face is already like a sweet devil (小悪魔).

And….. team 4 still have Kawaei, Juri and Tano-chan…..
How awesome talents team 4 has!!

How will ordinary people think when they watch this commercial?
Do they think “kawaii!”?
Or they may think “Who are these girl? Are they from AKB48? I’ve never seen them!!”?

I think most of people barely manage to recognize Jurina and Mayuyu, but I’m sure they don’t know other members at all.

I was worrying about when they announced Senbatsu members for Manatsu no SG, as there are members who I had a hard time to accept.
But I can genuinely welcome the 6girls in this commercial. They are the girls who I think can bear the future of AKB48.