Due to the territorial Dispute? Japanese Content disappeared? Who benefits from this? lol

  October 4, 2012

So Niji has been also dead?

Let’s go back to Keyhole. You can’t expect much from Chinese.

I can’t stand Keyhole TV’s shitty image quality….

There’s a maintainance announcement on NIJI’s official blog. And I think Japanese people are delibarately using weird Japanese language to disguse themselves as Chinese lol

Uhmmm their official annoucement looks like a Chinese text translated into Japanese by Google translation….

Why don’t you use UST, Justin TV or NicoNico live streaming? You can watch them with a web browser. Don’t need to launch another program.

↑But it’s hard to record video on UST or NicoNico.

It’s a cencorship by Chinese government.
It’s strange that we can’t watch only Japanese programs not only on Niji but on other streaming websites….

I kind of suspect that SopCasts is run by some party related to Chinese goverment.
Chinese is very aggressive to spread their TV progrgam or I should say Propaganda worldwide.

If you have a home in Japan, you can use this.


I have been long expecting NicoNico, Youtube or Google will start TV broadcasting that can stack up to the quality of existing TV channels. But it lookd like the big problems here ar the fact that Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Dentsu are strongly pushing the ground wave, plus JASRAC and johnny’s are all against online streaming…

↑NicoNico has it’s own unique programs. Look this TV program guide.

These are sharewares lol

↑Both are actually the same and you can only preview it for 3 minutes.

↑bs24 has a bigger screen
, but file size of jtv24 is bigger.
By the way, bs24’s logo says it’s all free….??

Actually many Japanese content are still left on Chinese websites…?