Itano Tomomi wins the 9th spot in Best Jeaninst 2012 poll

  October 4, 2012

Itano-san is just freakin’ cool.

Congratz Tomochin!!

I can’t see Sugi-chan’s name….

….. If fans work collaboratively it’s so easy to make Tomochin to win this ranking…

Voting page:

But she rarely wear jeans, isn’t she?

As expected of Tomochin-san.

Well, I don’t particularly like Arashi, but I’m relieved that Aiba Masaki was the No.1.

It’s obvious that this is a setup. See, there’s no Sugi-chan.

So many Katakana (東方神起/TouhouShinki members)

I think Guingham Check’s costume suits Itano the best.

Uhmm I have no image of Tomochin-san wearing jeans.

My image of her is wearing more… sort of fluffy skirt.

Chintomo-san’s body shape is not ideal for jeans…. I think Mariko-sama can rock the jeans more.

↑This prize is awarded to those who displayed their idea to wear jeans in more stylish way so that people can feel Jeans more familiar and want to wear it more in their daily lives.

Those who has a perfect model body aren’t selected because they can’t be a good role model for people.

2 years ago when she was selected by the committee.

Actually she has decreased from the last year or 2 years ago….

I want to make Takajo wear too tight skinny jeans.

The only AKB member who I have a image that he wears jeans is Togasaki.

Whenever I see him  at AKB48 theater, he is wearing jeans.


It reminds me of a last portion of AKB’s concert…