Single Artwork of AKB48 XXth Single “RAPPAPPA” and 3 more

  October 13, 2012
Murashige Anna

Today I thought I could finally make Murashigessment (Term coined to denote: Murashige + Harassment) against Rena-san!

However, because she defensed herself so tightly, I couldn’t make it.

I gotta make Murashigessment on her tomorrow!!


Rena-chan, thank you so much for kindly engaging in Murashige’s childish play^^

She is such a nice girl…

I’m struck with Rena’s strong gaze….

Murashige couldn’t break into an iron tight defense of Renanaccio (Rena + Catenaccio).

Let’s expect for tomorrow(‘s handshake event)!


Ohta Aika

I dislike Kissing from Sashihara,

But I don’t dislike Kiss from Murashige.

What in the world is this sheer difference lol

Because, for some reason, Murashige seems to have cleanliness.

HKT are all cute!!

…….(She added a note after some fans responded to her post too seriously)…….

By the way, it’s not me but Sashihara who is in front of Murashige in this photo!! Some people mistook her with me!!  (-“- )

Of course I like Sashihara! But I can’t say for sure I like to be kissed by her….. lol



LOL But Lovetan-san sometimes approach to Sashi-san lol

Ota Aika

Everyone, don’t respond too seriously.
Ohta Aika

Serious responses are the scariest thing I’ve ever seen….


This is not “Shitakara Lovetan” but “Uekara Lovetan-san” lol

Actually we gotta blame Sashihara’s fans who troll all the way to Lovetan’s stream….

Some of Sashihara Ota have been too nervous about bashing against her… They even can’t understand this is a joke?

Ota Aika

Recently I’ve heard few good news about me….
黒川了一 0:20 10/14

Members of HKT48 are still very young. All of them are students of either elementary school or junior high school or high school except Sashihara-san.

Everyone is endeavoring to make it.

Sometimes they go out of control (in a good sense), but due to the busy schedule of Sashihara-san and medical treatment on captain Anai-san’s eyes, the group is now in need for someone who leads them, and it’s none other than you, Ohta-san.

Please lead HKT48 that consists of young members. It doesn’t matter if you’ll become a kind of teacher for them.

As one HKT fan, I’m looking forward to you joining HKT48.

Ota Aika

Of course!! Because I’ll become the most senior member in HKT48, I’ll definitely take care of my juniors!! Because they’re young girls, I’m sure they’re interested in divers things! I hope they will grow through experiencing a lot of things! But I must watch over them, so as to prevent them from going bad.


Lovetan-san is freaking awesome!

As expected of our reliable and trustworthy O-Love!

Please watch over your junior in AKB48, who is 5gen member lol

I’m counting on you!!!

Ohta-chan! Ganbare!!!

You’re the only one who can look after HKT48 girls!!!


2 years later…..

HKT48 Theater, Manager, Ohta Aika

Lovesan has become such a nice woman before we knew it…..!!

↑Actually she’s been matured since the beginning when she joined AKB as an elementary school student.

You’ll know it when you take a loot at her professional  attitude, and devotion to AKB48.

So Lovesan will become Cindy for HKT48…… This gives me a profound feeling….

↑But Lovetan is one of the dumbest bunnies in AKB, the group where basically many of it’s members are not so smart.

↑But even though she doesn’t have knowledge we’re supposed to learn at school, she’s learned tremendous amount of wisdom through actually putting herself in the real society and seriously facing her fans.

Don’t underestimate Sansho Sisters!!

What people on 2ch want to hear is this kind of comment. We love AKB48 because we love to see human Drama, not only see it but sometimes actually place ourselves in the Drama.


Who the hell made this crap lol


Hirata Rina

Hai!! I’m 12th generation Kenkyusei Hirata Rina aka Hilary♪

Digest of today’s bonus footage♪

☆Tano-chan suddenly getting high!

☆Moe-chan jumping behind us!

☆Iwata Karen taking a bite at XX-chan’s Melonpan

☆Ill!! XX-chan is putting mayonnaise on Melonpan!!!

☆Whoa!(゜∇゜ ;)Renacchi-san poking HKT’s XX-chan’s cheek and then she got her mouth around her cheek!





Nattsun….. putting Mayo on melonpan is gross….

Nattsun Kawaeeeee!!

And I’m again amazed by Murashige’s outstanding/reckless communication skill…..!

Hilary’s video is GODLY for those junior members lovers lol

I love the fact that Nattsun completely doesn’t look like she is a senior to the other members (Tanochan, Hilary) lol


I seriously don’t think I can make it back alive when I would ever encounter them….

So cool lol

I think if I would fight against them, I would only last for one second or so.

Tomochin, especially, suits this kind of style.

I love the angle of her eyebrows!

Whoa!!! Yuko-senpai looks freaking cool!!!