Impressions on SKE48’s appearance in 笑っていいとも plus Furukawa Airi’s JOJO talk on MAG ネット

  October 8, 2012


What a small cheers for SKE…..orz

Acually there were no cheers from the audience…

Kaotan appeared on Iitomo in a picture!!!

Why the hell do they sing Heavy Rotation, not Kiss datte Hidarikiki!!!!! Damn!!

But members lineup is awesome!

Da~Su~’s serious expression during the Drama part lol

Heavy Rotaion and no Manatsu….. This is the worst Iitomo….

Somehow, what Naomi is talking in this Drama sounds like Churi lol

It’s great that everyone acts think very seriously.

Da~Su~ got a nice position!

Why did they make SKE48 sings AKB’s song in their TV appearance?

↑Because SKE48 doesn’t have a representative song that everyone knows.

“Fans” for idols means “Room” for Kuroyanagi Tetsuko!
I cracked myself up lol

Kanon is soooooo tiny~~~

Is Churi’s health condition okay???

Rena finally has become able to call Sashihara, Sassy.!

I love Yuria-chan’s black stocking♥

Kuumin and Yuria rarely appear on the screen….

Da~Su~ is waving a hand lol

Da~Su~’s smile always heals me.

She always keeps a smile on her face however poorly she is treated by the cameramen.

So Yuria is standing behind Kanon….!?

This is the hierarchy that management has in mind??


Yagami looks like she’s been in a good condition lately.

For this kind of Drama with over acting, the person SKE definitely needs is Hata Sawako….

↑I wonder if Sawako would catch all the attention from viewers and spoil the whole Drama….

Goma-chan laughed too much lol

Who could expect that they will act out this Drama of Sugi-chan lol

Holy cow, I’m jealous of Sugi-chan lol

Ogiso-chan seems like she can’t hold her laughter.

As always, Rena tried her best not to touch his body, while Jurina seemed she was willing to make a physical contact with the guy!

It’s too late to promote their album…….

But they got a plenty time to promote their CDs.

Takayanagi looks like she is trying to hide her poor health condition.

I’m always amazed by her professionalism.

↑Ans that makes Churi all the cuter.

I’m not familiar with SKE48 but that girl who is in a back row who has hair in braids was so aggressive in trying to appeal herself, even though she is not that cute at all.

↑I’m sure you’re talking about Suda Akari.

She is not a kind of girl who markets herself with her face,

But if you know her personality, you’ll definitely become liking her.

↑x2 So you’re fished by Da~Su~^^

↑x3 She has become a queen of Handshake Event with her broad smile called Akarin Smile.

↑x4 The face your eyes caught her means she is something special.

↑x5  Actually You’re already at the beginning of becoming a Da~Su~ Ota.

One month later, you’ll become a perfectly hardcore Ota of her.

↑x6 That means you took a sneak peek of Da~Su~’s true value.

How about Kanon? Has she left an impression in the general public?

↑I think so. Kanon and Akarin got very good positions.

I think Yuria peace and Kuumin had the worst positions today…

Because Tamori-san is Rena-Oshi, they got a 2nd chance to promote their album.


Kuumin looked a bit dull….

SKE actually has many cute girls!!!

↑They aren’t just cute, but they have very deep personalities.

And many of SKE members showed their good acting skills in Majisuka.

I really think SKE has many girls with versatile talents

I couldn’t see what Yuria and Kuumin were doing in this show at all….

These members plus Airin, Manatsu and Sawako, and it will be the best show ever.

I love how they put their hearts in this seemingly lame Drama.

Their attitude to be willing to take on variety kind of stuffs will definitely do them justice.