Yokoyama Yui showed off her drawing skill at TV show 京都 美の音色, and one more on Kinoshita Momoka

  October 18, 2012

Touji-in, Kyoto.



I guess there're many Nightingales?

But because it says Bari, I think it's not just a normal nightingale.

“Please draw a picture of Uguisubari”

I think there's Nightingale that has a needle on it's head… ※Needle: Hari (Bari) in Japanese

Buddhist Monk: “Ah! Nightingale-Needle…. Hahaha….”

Monk “It's named that way, because it makes sentimental sounds….”

Yuihan's anticipated “Sweets time” ^^

“I was surprised as Uguisu-bari was different from what i expected it to be. I'm impressed by the ancient wisdom.”

I don't know much about this girl, but it looks like she is a little dumb.

↑I think girls are beter to be a little dumb, because they can think flexibly.

Many of girls who know things in a halfhearted manner can't think flexibly due to superiority complex.



Shishi-Odoshi….? Oh yes!

Yes, I think Shishi-odoshi must be that one!

LOL She is dumb!!! lol

A stupid answer for 2 consecutive questions…. AhoHan(*´ω`*)

“I know of Shishi-Odoshi”

“Because it scares boars, it named Shishi-Odoshi…. So it's just named literally .”

“Shishi-Odoshi now often seen at many places. I'm glad I could visit it's place of origin.”

“Please draw Suikinkutsu”

I thought it was shoes….


The soothing sound of Suikinkutsu that purified my heart. The garden was wonderfully beautiful, too.



LOL This is Nironi~

I didn't expect the show prepared such a surprise!

Finally we had 2nd Nironi

It's not a Dragon but a sneak that has dotted pattern on it's body.

I think it's a system that makes a sound of dragon when someone passes by.

As expected, when it's come to 4th try, I've become smarter.

So what about this space is “Nakiryu”?

“Sure, it has a picture of Dragon, but the quality of the drawing is far from the real one.”

“It was painted 400 years ago”

“I'm 19 years old.”

LOL What she suddenly said her age?!?

And the monk replied just seriously….

LOL How many times she hit claps.

History of each member of Not yet ~ Yokoyama Yui ver. ~


Awww Momoka will take a peek at Fuuchan bathing!!!

Shimada Rena

I'd finished with my radio work(o ´ ▽ ` o)

I'm gonna visit and sleep over at Kinoshita family's home with Fuuko♪



Momoka is so cool! Her eyes are the ones of wild animal gazing at prey!

I wonder if she is bi-sexual…. She is so eccentric!

I don't surprise if Momoka is bi-sexual. Or I should rather say I can persuade myself that it's real.

So today Momoka, Shimarena and Fuuchan will enjoy three-some….

And Fuuchan will be teased by Shimarena and Momoka….

Momoka is such a caring girl.

Now Fuuchan has to stand huge pressure as Center, and I can sense Momoka's sentiment that she wants Fuuchan not to experience the same suffering as Jo-chan had…

I wonder what those who wrote she is looking at Fuuchan in a sexual way have seen about Momoka over these years….

↑Why you can't see things directly? It's all joke and you just can't get it lol

↑x2 I guess if Momoka would ever read your reply, she would say “Sense the situation dumb-head!”

What a pigheaded person….

Are you Yokoyama-san?

LOL….. I just think this dude wanted to troll on this thread.

Chill guys~~~!


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  1. Abc says:

    I don’t know much about nmb48 but fishing 🙂
    I think this Momoka girl is so outstanding and I wonder about her popularity? is it like Mitsumune among girl fan or something? Just curious.