Check out the new commercial for Softbank feat. Maeda Atsuko!

  March 10, 2013

Dozens of new commercials feat. Maeda Atsuko (前田敦子 – Acchan) are released recently!

Thanks to Toyota, Softbank -Softbank even released TV ad that exclusively features Acchan-, even she graduated AKB48, we have plenty of opportunities to see her everyday on TV!!

video: ソフトバンク ホワイト学割 白戸家 再会篇 前田敦子 CM

video: TOYOTA ドラえもん「のび太の学科試験」妻夫木聡 前田敦子 ジャン・レノ

video: 前田敦子 CM ソフトバンク 「No.1ストレートトーク」篇

Fans comments:

“She regained a brilliant glow that she had before 2011!”

“Is she embodying how the girls will be like when they are liberated from enormous pressure as Center of AKB48?”

“I told you. Acchan looks better with light make-up to make the most of her cute looks, than with matured make-up to try to look cool!!”

“I agree that cute make-up suits her better, but guess she is trying to various make-ups intentionally.”

“I basically agree. Since her facial parts are distinctive, and her skin has natural glow, natural make-up suits her the best.

“Acchan’s smile makes the world a better and more peaceful place.”