NMB48 announced mini team shuffle, Yamada Nana transferred to Team M, 2 Kenkyuusei get promoted to team N

  April 18, 2013

During NMB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 30, NMB48 announced promotion ofKoga Narumi (3rd gen) and Nishimura Aika (4th generation’s ace) to team N and transfer of Yamada Nana to team M.

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Team M’s captain Shimada Rena will remain to be in the position after the transfer.

NMB48 theater manager Kaneko Tsuyoshi explained the reason behind this mini team shuffle.

Kaneko: Thank you for the grand encore chants!! ? ♫ Boku no Uchiage Hanabi (My launched fireworks)

Today, we announced the transfer and promotion.
Nana Yamada (team N) -> team M
“I would like to enlarge NMB48 much more. I would like to make team M the team that never loses to any othe teams -team N, BII, and even KKS, you name it. ”
Narumi Koga (Kenkyusei) and Nishimura Aika (Kenkyusei) are both promoted to team N.
Thank you very much for passionate cheers for them at time of announcement.

We consider these promotion and transfer as a trigger to revitalize NMB48 for the further growth.
Although I understand everyone has different opinion on this, we will continue our best to support our girls so that we can provide them with the best environment to achieve their dream. That includes mental health-care, too.

And the last song is! ?
♫ [NMB48]
Thank you so much for enjoying NMB48 Request Hour Set-list Best 30 2013 with us!!

We deeply appreciate your favor.


From NMB48 Cosplay calendar 2013, Yamada Nana, Shimada Rena and Murakami Fumika

Yamada “I’ve had a privilege to learn lots of things since I joined NMB48 and was promoted to team N.
So when I first heard of this transfer, though I admit I’m still far from perfect, I figured that it’s great if I can mentor and teach team M’s members what I’ve learned.
I believe everyone shares this sentiment. Make NMB48 Big.
And I gotta say this. To make this group big, I will do anything.

I would like to do my best so that Team M will never ever lose to Team N, BII and KKS team.”

The reason why Kesshou won the first place:

  1. The song is widely popular
  2. This is the song Fukumoto Aina loves
  3. TV show Geinin (used as an insert song)
  4. Because NMB48 could hold this event thanks to crystallized love of NMB fans.

Fukumoto Aina: We finished request hour set list best 30 (^^)

That was the concert that I could really feel your love.
Kesshou won the 1st place! And unexlected chanting of my name, “Aina”!!

Thank you so much(//ฅฅ*//)♡
It made me incredibly happy!

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