SNH48: Chinese action movie star Jet Li’s daughter passed the audition for 2nd generation member

  April 18, 2013

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Jet Li made a statement that confirms the news which reports his daughter will join SNH48, Taiwan news agency NOWnews reported today.

The eldest daughter of Jet Li and 黄秋燕, 李思 (25) (Lee Soe?) was reported to have passed the audition for 2nd generation members of SNH48.

SNH48, the idol group based in Shanghai, is an offshoot group of Japanese pop phenomenon AKB48, and was created in October 2012.

In the interview with the news agency, Jet Lee said he doesn’t want to intervene in what his daughter has decided on her own will, and expressed his intention to support his daughter’s challenge.

“I just need to calmly accept her decision.”

Moreover, SNH48’s management issued an offer, asking Jet Lee to become a judge for the audition (for 2nd generation members).

Lee’s daughter 李思 (Lee Soe?) will turn 25 this year. She inherited charming round eyes and nose from her dad.

After graduating high school, she moved to U.S. to study in college along with her little sister.

It’s rumored she has already obtained Green Card, with the help of his father.

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source: Record China

edit: corrected the spelling of Jet Li’s name