What does JKT48’s Nakagawa Haruka do during Ramadhan in Indonesia?

  July 20, 2013

JKT48 Nakagawa Haruka Ramadhan

During Ramadhan (ラマダン)Muslim People→ During Ramadhan when the sun is out, they can’t eat and drink, after the sun has gone down, then they will start to eat a lot.Christian People→ Their usual eating habits. Eat properly during daytime and maybe eat a little bit less at night compared to the Muslims who are celebrating RamadhanHarugon→ She will eat like a Christian during daytime and eat like a Muslim during night time. (lol)

Fan Reactions:I think Haruka will eat everyone’s portion…I was looking at JKT’s Theatre Schedule yesterday and didn’t see anything in there – so this is whyI wonder if they catch bugs as well in Indonesia?There’s no theatre performance during Ramadhan – this is when I realized that religion is taken into account by JKT. They can’t drink and eat anything… really strict! It must be really tough doing lessons in this period…

Fan Reactions:When the sun sets, Yuppi (Cindy Yuvia) rises! (as per image above)When does she sleep if all she do is eat?!She’s probably doing this half-assed weird face
She probably wears a traffic cone and goes diving into the sea
“It should be fine if it’s vegetables!” – starts eating and then only realizes that fasting includes not eating vegetables as well…
It’s not Harugon! She’s an adult! It’s Haruka!

Source: Matomember