[ WrapUp Post ] JKT48’s Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center is Harugon! Matsui Jurina’s new fringe and SKE48’s New Stages!

  July 29, 2013

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Soooo… without further ado~!

JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center Haruka Nakagawa

Nakagawa Haruka (Twitter) 7/22

Good evening…
I’m assuming everyone knows by know eh?hahah
I’ll be the center of JKT48’s new single
I’m so happy!! but scared at the same time…

Nakagawa Haruka (Twitter) 7/22

Good evening…
I’ve got to DIET… yaaa…
Because I’ll be the center in the new single..hahaha
I can’t possibly be fat there! It’ll be horrible 🙂 hahah

JKT48 Koisuru Fortune Cookie Center Haruka Nakagawa

Nakagawa Haruka (G+) 7/22

Good afternoon everyone!

I have something to tell everyone today…

AKB48’s new single is Koisuru Fortune Cookie !!!
JKT48’s new single will be the same!

I’m sure everyone knows that the center for AKB’s version is Sashihara Rino 🙂

and for JKT’s version of Koisuru Fortune Cookie, I will be the center!!haha…

I’m really happy!!!
Thank you very much everyone…

But, being a center is hard, you know…
I’m scared…

But I want to be center..

I’ve to try harder, have to be prettier…

I’m going to try my best, so everyone, I’m hoping for your support!

Snippet from JKT48’s MV shoot

Matsui Jurina 7/28 13:57

Hi everyone, it’s been a while ☆ I cut my fringe \(^o^)/ it’s the shortest its ever been up until now ♪
Matsui Jurina's New Fringe is super cute!!!

Matsui Jurina's New Fringe is super cute!!!


Suda Akari 7/28 13:58

I should be calling you Jurina-san now ー♪

Katou Rumi 7/28 13:58

It suits you (((o(゚▽゚)o)))

It’s probably the first time I’ve seen Jurina with fringe
Too much light!Personally, I would love to see her with long hair just like how she was back then…I think she’s cuter this way! Her fringe (styles) recently were really wonderfulThis is not something we can confirm without video confirmation!TOOO PRETTY!
She’ll be even more famous!
Seeing this made me feel 10 years younger! lolololI prefer that long style when she first started
Long Haired Jurina Matsui

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